Sunday, May 31

Louis Naeger won the Gold Medal at the 2009 Senior Olympics over the week-end

Louis and I are friends and neighbors in Warson Woods. We share the same passion: running.

A couple of years ago, Louis encouraged me to sign up for the Snowball Series. How fun is that Event!

At the 2009 Senior Olympics, Louis won the Gold Medal - yes the Gold - at the 5000m, distancing himself from the pack after 2 laps.

When I asked Louis, what was the best part, he smiled and told me that having for the first time his three children cheering for him in the crowd was a great feeling.

Keep up the good work Lou and God Bless you!

The Kick-Off BBQ party at the Pool was a great success

The first big party of 2009 hosted at the WWSC turned out to be a Home Run. Thanks to everyone who came to enjoy a wonderful day at our community Pool.


- Paul Michalski, Brian Middendorf and Mark Nigh can cook and handle a crowd of starving children. Over 150 hot dogs, 120 burgers and a bunch of chicken breasts were BBQed. You guys rocked. I can't thank you enough.

- With over 40 participants, the Diving Contest exceeded expectations. I want to thank the panel of judges: Matt Collier, Brian Middendorf and Mark Thompson. Mark Thompson, our veteran judge - returning from last year first edition of the Diving Contest - got off to a fast start by throwing a handful of Zeros to some contestants on their first Dive. Is Mark Thompson the local Simon Cowell??

The results:
With a staggering 55 points out of 60 points possible, Peter McArthur won the contest. Congrats Peter, you are the Champ. until next year! Special mention to the Runner-up Luke Twardowski. Will took third place, Michael Martin fourth and Ben Rosenblatt fifth. Ella won the girls contest with an oustanding 40 points, Joanie Halliday was a strong second.