Friday, October 30

Take a Hike!

My good friend Jim Trevor is a great outdoor person. Some of you might be familiar with the Dads & Lads bi-annual trips that Jim and other Dads & Sons are doing in the wild. As I was thinking about bringing my little Harry on their next trip, I did some research of the coolest trails out there.

I found two incredible ones. I wouldn't take my son on either one of them. I am not even sure I would take myself either... You are the judge...

How about the photographer on site who takes pictures of you -$10 a picture sitting 10 hours a day on these planks - where do I sign?

On that Clip, the pace is incredible -this guy is good -but some of the holes along the way are terrifying

So Jim, forget about the Ski Trip this winter. Let's hook up in China, I will bring my balls of steel.

Speaking of drugs, is the I-Phone the new addiction?

Julie and I recently went back to back to two private events - a charity and a wedding reception -

I must say half of the guys I was trying to have a conversation with those nights were playing with their I-Phone at the same time. The most annoying thing in the world! Even during dinner!

And they have the move... at first it looks like they drop a piece of food on their lap because they start staring at their crouch with a feverish look. But wait, the I-Phone is sitting right on their private parts, the right hand hitting rubbing the screen. The whole act has some very strong sexual connotation.

Then can I suggest: "The more the I-Phone, the worst the relationship/marriage is"?

Anyway, if your partner/spouse is obsessed with this device, here is an idea for Halloween...

Thursday, October 29

Kids, don't do drugs!

I always try to talk to my nephews, nieces and their friends in College about staying away from drugs.

In some cases, some pictures they will relate to are stronger than words...

Wednesday, October 28

Update on the Trot Thru the Woods

Much foundation work has been done. City approval has been obtained, Rohan Woods is graciously allowing us to use its parking lot and restrooms, the police will assist in directing traffic, posters are starting to go up, the clock has been reserved, Schnucks has agreed to allow us to use Kaldi's Coffee for packet pick-up the Friday before, entry forms have been prepared,etc. Now we need runners. And, they need to sign up early so the t-shirts can be ordered.

Please sign-up if you can for the run and please invite family, friends, neighbors, church members and co-workers to do likewise. It is a great opportunity for the family to get together, again, over the Thanksgiving weekend and for the community to come together. If someone is available to hand out entry forms at any local races, such as Sunday's half-marathon in Clayton, that would be great. Thank for you efforts..

Monday, October 26

I know it is not WW. but...

Mark McGwire to be the hitting coach for the Cardinals next season???

Almost done according to Tony Larussa...

What are your thoughts on that?

Friday, October 23

Halloween is around the corner

Make sure you watch your kids that night!

and don't try to be overly creative with the costumes, it could backfire...

Any cool streets to go "trick or treats" on?

Monday, October 19

Trot thru the Woods - The Race is on!!

The first annual "Trot Thru the Woods" 5K run and "Run Around the Block" 0.5mile for younger runners and walkers will take place on November 28th.

The 5K starts at 8:00 a.m. and the 0.5mile at 9:00 a.m. from Rohan Woods School. The 5K meanders through WW, east of Woodlawn.

We encourage everyone to enter and run, and to invite friends and relatives to join the fun. Here is the Entry Form link.

I have agreed to serve as volunteer coordinator. If you know someone interested in volunteering, please direct them to me.

What a great way to enjoy your family and neighbors, and to shed excess Thanksgiving calories.

Saturday, October 17

Hey Mr. Weatherman...

Are we done with the rain? My kids want to go to the park and Mom will have to let go eventually...

Friday, October 16

The Family Christmas Card

What? It is barely October and last night the question popped out: "So what are we going to do for the Family Christmas Card this year?"

Already? The stress of coming up with something that fits the perfect combination of the following 5 key words: Love - Humour - Christmas - Harmony - Family. Tough to find a single picture that capture these words. Let me illustrate my point:


Wayyy too much love


Wayy too much humour


Wayyy too undressy - it took me a few minutes to find a word to describe that one!


Wayyy too boring


Wayyy too.. no comment! Although with Snow White coming back on DVD for the Holiday Season, that could give a theme to a large family...

And you, what do you have in store for this year?

Thursday, October 15

What to do this coming Sunday...

Are the Jacksonville Jaguars going to crush the St.Louis Rams......Like the Bull of Wall Street is crushing the Evil Bernie Madoff?

The Rams are so bad, I can't even watch T.V on Sundays anymore. Actually, my retired neighbour was so frustrated about the game the other day that he took his chainsaw and cut some woods at halftime in the backyard!!

Few things that I like this week-end besides the traditional Pumpkin carving...
- Thomas the train is in town in Granite City,IL
- A VanGogh IMAX movie is playing at the Science Center - always good on a a rainy day!
- At the Botanical Garden, gardeners have created a 20-foot-diameter working clock, created entirely of plant material. Kids get a kick out of the little cuckoo bird that pops from his home every quarter-hour!
- The Circus is in town at the Scottstrade Center
- Big Halloween Run downtown St-Louis
- Ferguson Festival: Streets are closed in a one-mile loop adjacent to a park and feature activities for all ages, including face-painting, hula hooping, clowns, balloon artists, aerobics classes, zumba classes, free-throw competition and BMX demos.

Wednesday, October 14

Dog Found

I saw that sign at the corner of Old Warson & Woodland... maybe someone can help!

Tuesday, October 13

Men with Balls

Vetta in Webster has a 30+ Men's Soccer League that plays on Sundays for 9 games, starting 11/22. It is 5 v 5 plus a goalie, so we would need at least 8-10 guys.

Who is in?

Monday, October 12

Lunch Box

As I was talking to local Moms the other day about Kids & Food, I got the urge to write this post: "Stop blaming your kids for being too picky with their diet."

Be creative!! A little effort on your part and your adorable children will get the right amount of veggies & more! Don't look further, I already did all the research for you. Instead of watching the Today show in the A.M or flipping through the Saks & Neiman Marcus catalogues that fill your mailbox everyday... get in the kitchen and start crafting Food... And have your kids help you!!

Here are some ideas for Lunch Boxes:

I know, pretty amazing... but it works!... even Daddy might drop the unhealthy snacks if you come up with a more intimate version of the above...

Like this:

Love in is the Air...

Following the Ste. Genevieve Fundraising saturday night, I have decided to keeep my Blog alive. So many people were upset about my original decision that I have changed my mind.

So let's get right to it...

The Ste. Genevieve night was fabulous.

Kudos to Martha, Carol, Liza and the rest of the Gang for putting this evening together. Yes it was cold, but it was a German Theme and Germany is cold in October.

Props to Leslie and John Halliday for winning the Big Raffle Prize. I am so happy for you. John must have spent his sunday counting the $$, just like Puff Daddy (see his face when he finds a $1 dollar bill in his stack of $100):

Great job to the kids who braved the cold to offer the rest of us a traditional show with german dances - Adorable!

Larry Howe ran the live auction like a Pro. The Thompsons, the Rodericks and us the Lamberts teamed up to get the Pig Roast. Wild Party for 100 coming up folks!

The Band was really cool... I loved the voice of the singer.

I hope you had a fantastic Sunday after that. Let me picture it:
While Daddy was probably enjoying a well deserved last round of golf

Mom was trying to keep herself busy around the house, training for a part time job to bring extra income to the household.

Now, buckle up again, the Blog is back!

Wednesday, October 7

Is my Blog dying?

I think it is...

Less and less feedback to keep it up all by myself... and it is hard come up with exciting Posts.

Anyone who would like to contribute is welcome. I will give you access to the Blog.

Post at your leisure. I think it is nice to have a Blog about WW. apart of the WW. Bulletin.