Monday, November 30

Men with Balls - Ste.Gen. Men vs Big River Running Store

Game time was last night at 10.20 p.m. Our opponents were a bunch a strong runners from the Big River Running Store Company. With our regular Keeper Roderick on his way back from Atlanta and unable to attend, Garza decided to take over the tough duty of Goal Keeper.

Once again, the pace of the game was intense from the get-go. After our crushing loss last week on Opening Night, our team was very motivated.

Big River 1 - Ste. Gen. Men 0

Big River is pressing on offense and Garza is already doing an outstanding job with some amazing saves. I can't believe none of our opponents are sweating! Our side is struggling with cardio. Niederer who dominated the 5K Trot Thru the Woods with a 18Th place is still sore from Saturday's effort. Zoberi hurts his hamstring before the half. Lambert and Simon start to argue on the field about strategy.
The Ste. Gen. Men are getting frustrated and it shows.

Big River 2 - Ste. Gen. Men 0

But then Carse, Zarrili and Andrews start to push the tempo. Great ball movement in midfield. Fritsch is controlling our defense. We are taking over the game. But we miss great opportunities to score. Not once but several times. One on one with their keeper but we can't get one in. And, right before half-time, Big River sneaks one more in.

Big River 3 - Ste. Gen. Men 0

The second half shows both teams' limits. Ours is definitely the conditioning. We are gazed. Big River is getting sloppy as well and with a great Garza on our side, they wouldn't score but only one more time.

Big River 4 - Ste. Gen. Men 0

As time is expiring and with 5 seconds on the clock, Simon finds himself alone with the ball, 12 feet from their Keeper, but shoots wide right as the whole place is cheering for us. Maybe we should change the name of our Team to the......

Midnight already... time to go home and get some Tylenol and Ice Pack!

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