Tuesday, October 11

Men's Club Guns & Chili Event

Please sign up for the Men’s club first annual Gun’s and Chili event on Sunday, October 30th. It looks like it’s going to be a great time for both experts and beginners. We assume that most people know how to eat chili, but there will be instructors for the shooting if needed.

Sounds like a fun event, so please fill out the attached form and get it back to Joe Gunn at jtgunn@sbcglobal.net

Men’s Club Guns & Chili Event

Date: Sunday October 30, 2011

Time: 2-6 PM.

Location: St. Louis Trap and Skeet Club

18854 Franklin Rd. Pacific Missouri 63069


This event is open to all men of the parish and guests. Please reserve the date and fill out the reservation form below and return it to Joe Gunn by October 26th.

Instructors will be available so we encourage beginners to join us!

Cost Includes: Chili dinner, beverages, gun rental, shells (12 Gauge) and sporting clays.

(Cost of the event is being supplemented by the Men’s Club.)

Please complete registration and forward via mail, email or fax.

Make checks payable to: Ste. Genevieve Du Bois Men’s Club.

Mail To: Joe Gunn

445 Doral Drive

St. Louis, MO 63122

Phone: Office 966-4777, Fax 966-4762

Email: jtgunn@sbcglobal.net

___ Beginner (novice) will need instruction.

___ Intermediate (some experience) will need refresher.

___ Experienced (no instruction needed).

___ I will bring my own gun, eye protection, etc.

___ I will share my gun and/or I will bring extra gun(s) to



Phone Number:__________________________________

Email Address:__________________________________

I/We will be attending and enclosed is a check for ______

people at $50:00 per person.

Friday, October 7

Girls Night Out coming up on Tuesday!

A message from my good friend Lorilee Cummings:

St Louis Daily Deals has the Girls Night Out event for $10 ($15 on Groupon) coming up this Tuesday... so please hit the link!

Sunday, October 2

Oktoberfest was a great night for our Parish

Congrats to the Bishops for winning the 50/50 Raffles. I can't wait to see Mike, 2 years from now sitting in the cold for 3 hours spinning the raffle drum in place of Leslie Halliday.

After giving me my first Beer Bong a couple of years ago, Jim Lewis is pursuing his quest of initiating me to some great american traditions. Last night I smoke my first cigar. Yes, my very first! Thank you Jim, it was a great experience. I really value our friendship.

What do you have in store for me next?? Beer Bong, Cigar... hum... I am thinking Bear Hunting or a trip to the Playboy Mansion...