Tuesday, November 24

W.W Swim Club: The Pool Board/Members Meeting

It was last night at City Hall... Highlights:

- End of the year 2010 balance: our bank account is in the green. Combination of having an influx of new members, smart spending and most importantly no flooding at the pool.

- Membership: is up! Over 20+ new families joined last season and we barely lost a family or 2. Let's keep it up.

- Baby Pool: One of the main projects is to redo/upgrade the Baby Pool. So far the bids we have are very high. It is a work in progress. No decision has been made yet.

- Member's Comments: Jim Lewis thanked the Board for all the work that has been done last season. Thank you Jim for thanking us. You did your share of work on the Pool Board back in the days and we simply try to follow your tracks of excellence.
Jim brought also an important point: do we want to keep our local Life Guards under Pro Pool Management supervision or simply have the Pool being run by a team of complete strangers? We need the Lifeguards to be more accountable and they need to keep themselves busy. One idea is to have a sign posted at the Pool - with Pro Pool phone number on it, for Members to call and report anything that they would dislike.

- Election of New 2010 Board Members: We welcome 2 new Board Members - Elizabeth Locke and Darryl Austin. Thank you for contributing.

- Election of 2010 Officers:
President: Dede Nigh
Membership: Katie Martin
Facility: Anthony Hasek / Chuck Abegg
Treasurer: Sean Fitzgerald
Social: Julie & James Lambert
Secretary: Mike O'Shea

- Anthony Hasek: As you see, Anthony Hasek is passing the torch to Dede Nigh as President of the Pool Board. Anthony will remain on the Board. Now I must give Mr.Hasek his Props here. This guy is phenomenal. Speaking of volunteering.... Anthony has been putting more hours of his life on his own personal/family time for the past 2 years to insure the well being of our Pool than you can imagine. We have been so fortunate to have someone like him running the show, who CARES so much about our community. I know we are in good hands with Dede Nigh at the wheels now and I am glad Anthony is still in the picture for the upcoming season. Kudos to you Anthony and feel free to keep feeding me with some beautiful pictures to refresh our W.W Swim Club Web-Site for the upcoming 2010 season!

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