Sunday, August 30

The WWSC Pool Party was HUGE!!

We were celebrating the 50 years of the WWSC last night at the Pool. Close to 100 people showed up. Amazing. Great food, stunning deco by Dede, live music. Props to all the Pool Board Members for the hard work in setting up this party.

Until I get some actual pictures of last night I will use the following:

First the Crowd poured in...

We just had enough beers...

Some people showed up in really cool costumes...

Yes for you ladies, you can click on this picture to enlarge it!

By 11 p.m, the party was over. I want to thank everyone for coming and supporting our local Swimming Pool. As our 2009 season is nearing to an end, I hope that 2010 will see an increase in membership to keep our WWSC alive and healthy. I promise I will post real pictures as soon as I get my hand on some.

Friday, August 28

Time -Out!

Sorry for the lack of activity lately. I have been in New York for the past two weeks for business.

I will get back on track over the week-end!

Monday, August 24

What are your Favs. for kids?

The best spots to take the kids for a 1/2 day are:
1- The Zoo
2- The Magic House
3- The Science Center
4- The Museum of Transportation
5- One of the Public Parks
6- The Butterfly House
7- Grants Farm
8- Toys R'us - when I am desperate!

Ok, we have been there and done that a million times.

And now when my kids ask me:
"Dad, can we go to the zoo??", my head spins and I see this:

Worse... if they insist, I see this:

As you can tell, I need a change of scenery!

What I am really truly looking for are places less known but yet that are lots of fun for kids. Yes, it is a 911 to all the Parents out there. I know you must have been on the same path than me at one point. Come forward and help a Dad who feels stuck in the Mud of Boredom.

Give me your Favs!

Friday, August 21

WWSC - Runner's Club update

Here is a message from Ed Crites - our beloved President of the WW. Runner's Club:

"Fellow Runners,

We have thirteen on the email list, which I think is great. Please tell anyone else you know who might be interested to email me so they can be added.

Several have expressed interest in another group run on Saturday at 7:00 a.m., starting from the pool parking lot. I thought 6-miles was a good distance, understanding that some may cut it short. I have to go out-of-town Saturday, so I leave it to those who show up to work-out the details.

Also, some have asked about planning a run during the week, but there as yet does not appear to be a consensus as to a good time or day. We'll keep working on it. I invite your input.

Regarding a community run, I appeared at the meeting of the Board of Alderman Tuesday and told the members of our group and of our desire to organize a community run the Saturday morning after Octoberfest. They were receptive, but suggested that it begin at Rohan Woods School rather than the pool parking lot, inasmuch as that will still be cluttered from night before. They also wanted details as to the route. They asked that I speak with Police Chief Stanczak to work-out the details and that I return next month to make a detailed proposal. Chief Stanczak thought we would need at least 6 volunteers to help direct runners and watch for traffic. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in helping organize/put-on the event. We do not have much time to plan the event.

If you have other suggestions/comments, please let me know.

Keep running.

Ed Crites"

Thanks for the update Ed, looking forward to seeing the growth of our Club!

Tuesday, August 18

Pee in the shower to save the Atlantic Rainforest

Did you catch this article form Cynthia Greagorian in the SLT -Post Dispatch?
Here is the article and I inserted the Clip of the Commercial in the middle of it:

"Sometimes, there's an ick factor that goes with going green.

The spot urges Brazilian citizens to save water — by urinating in the shower.

The group, SOS Mata Atlantica, estimates that each household in Brazil could conserve 1,157 gallons of water annually by avoiding one flush a day.

The humorous spots, which are narrated by children, feature cartoon drawings of people from all walks of life — a basketball player, trapeze artist and even an alien — urinating in the shower

The ads wrap with: "Pee in the shower! Save the Atlantic rainforest!"

But if it does, and if you see someone "going green" in the shower at your local gym, here's a fact worth knowing.

While peeing in the shower may sound sickening, experts maintain that from a health and safety standpoint, it's not

"It's fine because urine is sterile. We have no bacteria or viruses in our urine, which is why if patients aren't feeling well, we can culture it," says Donna Duberg, assistant professor of clinical laboratory science at St. Louis University. "Plus, water from the shower and toilet end up in the same sewer line."

For years, people have used urine in unusual ways. Holistic experts swear that urinating on the feet will cure athlete's foot — a fungal infection. And Duberg points out that if urine is safe to drink — which a number of websites recommend for healthfulness — it's certainly safe to have squirting near your legs while the water is running in a shower

Gross or Green? Recycling, turning the light off when living a room and so on and so forth. I am all about saving energy and going green.

Let's go one step further... With an estimate 2.3 million households in Missouri, the annual saving -$11 per household- would represent $25.3 million and almost 2.7 billion gallons of water across the State.

Down to our Warson Woods, the 2000 Census lists 781 Households... do the math... $8.591 in savings and 900000 gallons of water.

Are you ready to contribute?

Monday, August 17

The Garza-Simon-Lambert Controversy

As our first run with the Runner's Club was on its way, Mary Simon and I started to chat about Workout Songs. Yes, we were running and chatting at the same time - although we were making some pretty disturbing sounds in between sentences. Mary was telling me that our common friend John Garza has an unbelievable play list of songs that get you pumped up when you run. But she was not into rap, and was looking for a different beat. I offered to share my play list but after just a few notes of each of my songs, she was saying "No, I don't like it! NEXT!".

How can I make Mary happy? I need to find great songs!!

Here are some of John's favourite workout songs:
1)Don't Stop the Music---Rihanna
2)Hot N Cold---Katy Perry
3)Jai Ho---Slumdog Millionaire
4)A little Respect--Erasure
5)Boom Boom Pow--Black Eyed Peas
6)I Gotta Feeling---Black Eyed Peas
7)Viva La Vida---Cold Play
8)Take you There---Sean Kingston
9)Paralyzer---Finger Eleven
10)Hero/Heroine---Boys Like Girls

By the way, I want to thank John for contributing on this post!

Here are some of the songs I listen to while running:
1- The Final Countdown - Europe
2- You are the best around - Joe Esposito
3- Stronger - Kanye West
4- Let's get it Started - The Black Eyed Peas
5- Pump it - The Black Eyed Peas
6- Till I collapse - Eminem
7- Remember the Name - Fort Minor
8- Proud - Heather Small
9- Lose Yourself - Eminem
10- It is my life - Bon Jovi

These two lists are pretty darn good if you ask me, but not good enough for Mary.

I am suspecting that John and I are NOT the only two people working out in WW. So, step up my beloved readers and share the songs that get you going, help you shave the unwanted extra pounds, and allow you to splurge on Sunday with no guilty feelings.

And by sharing your songs, let's see if we can please Mary Simon! I am up to the Challenge, ARE YOU??

Saturday, August 15

Fantasy Football anyone??

With the season around the corner, my neighbour Bill Francis & I are trying to recruit another 8 or 10 people to set up a WW. Fantasy Football League with a Live Auction Draft done in a close by Sports Bar.

So to all of you wonderful supportive wives reading this blog, if you want a night off, tell your husbands to email me and let them join our local Fantasy Football League.

To all of you empty nesters in WW, since you don't have to worry about anything but yourself - just kidding - we want to tell you are not Alone - the Fantasy Football family is welcoming you with sweaty armpits and manly hugs! Transform your upcoming Football Sundays into a whole new experience.

We want you and we have 8 to 10 spots to fill. The date of the Draft is still up in the air. The location of the Draft as well. Bill and I are both pumped up about this project, so don't shy away and join our League.

Friday, August 14

The WW. Runner's Club is born

Even though he is barely a day old, the Club already looks like a healthy Baby.

Ed Crites took the exciting initiative to set up a meeting last night at the Pool to gather a group of people who are interested in running.

I am not just talking about competitive running. The idea is to find people who could meet once or twice a month - or maybe more - to run together and have fun.

Don't be shy if you are inexperienced, join us. Almost a dozen of motivated WW. residents showed up last night. We all decided that our first run would be a 6 mile loop starting from the parking lot of the WW. Pool at this Saturday morning - August 15Th.

If you are interested, please Email Ed at "" and see you this Saturday morning!!

Here is our Saturday's morning Run!
Safe run on sidewalks all the way down on Sappington to the beginning of the Grant's Trail. Then turn around and get back to the parking lot following Woodlawn. A couple of short hills - one on Andrew right off the start and one on Holmes.

Thursday, August 13

Wild Turkeys on Bennett

I ran into Jim Lewis the other day at the Pool. He told me he spotted some Wild Turkeys on Bennett and took a couple of pictures with his cell phone. I asked him if he could share his pictures with the Blog. I just got his email this morning. Jim is a great guy and I love his sense of humor. Thanks for contributing to the Blog.

"James, here are the pictures of a family of turkey's that John and I saw last Thusday. They were on Bennett when we first saw them, then ducked into the bushes behind St Matthews just and across from Garland. Quality is not very good, but best I could do with my phone. Good thing I don't have to make calls with my camera. "

Incredible shots. It is right by my house, but I never spotted Wild Turkeys before. Have you?? It looks like a whole family!!

Wednesday, August 12

Who let the Men out??

What a fun night it was. The St.Genevieve Men's Club on its way to the Cards Games.
Thanks again Matt Witte for setting the evening up.

Shaq throwing the first Pitch last night at the Cards Game

I wish I had better than my cell phone to record it. Shaq is in town tapping a reality show. He challenges high profile athletes accross the country to their own discipline. So last night he was talking smacks with our beloved Albert Pujols. A really classic moment!

Pujols looks like a dwarf next to Shaq and it was funny to see the poor guy who had the seat behind Shaq during the game trying to bend left and right to catch a piece of the action. He couldn't see anything behind the big Man even though he had a premium seat!

The Wiggles stink!

I took my kids to see the Wiggles last night at the Chaifetz Center. What a waste of time!! I can't believe the show they put up. And I am an easy audience. First of all, the Arena was a fifth full at best...brrr. Then the Show lasted 1h 15min. The overall decor was plain and lame. No sound effect, no light effect. The stage looked too big at time. The Wiggles spent a lot of time doing poorly executed acrobatics - They are no Cirque du Soleil - and over 10 minutes reading the signs of the Audience. Few songs in between, lots of blablabla trying to get the kids to clap and clap and clap again. Give me a break!

Way overrated in my opinion. They looked tired and not into it at all. It looked more like a promotional Tour than a Show itself. There was no story or plot to hook up the kids. Mine wanted to go home badly after 20 minutes. Some families left early.

A disaster...

Thursday, August 6

Men are from Mars...

I recently joined the Ste. Genevieve du Bois Men's Club. The Club provides social and spiritual activities within the Parish.

At first, I was like " why would you join a Club like that?"
Am I going to be surrounded by some guys who just need to get out of their house to be able to have an intelligent conversation about men's stuff like cars?

Or simply to get a break from their daily routine?

Or just maybe to talk about education and kids?

Last night, I asked the President of the Club -Matt Witte- how he came up with the idea. Basically, it is a way for the members to stay in touch with each other as the kids get older and school activities dry out. Plus, the Club implements programs for the welfare of the Parish such as cutting down and hauling away dead trees, hosting Donut Sundays in the school cateteria for the parish family, co-hosting Lenten Fish Fry with our neighbors from St Agnes & the Sisters etc...

I'am really excited about our first get together coming up next week! I will keep you posted...

Tuesday, August 4

WWSC - Party coming up at the Pool

I have been getting quite a few emails from Pool Members to find out if another party was on the horizon.

The answer is YES, our end of the summer party is in the making. August 29Th is the date set for the Adult Party - I repeat...Adult Party...

It means, our adorable children must stay home. Work on your baby sitters now.

It is going to be a theme party - I won't tell now - let's hype it up a bit!!
I will just give you a won't be a Luau Hawaiian Theme.

And yes, I will spice it up with some Adult Games... No not like these ones:

No,no,no... The entertainment will be fun and rated PG....

So bring your "A game" on August 29Th, not like this guy:

And in the meantime stay out of trouble... more to come on this party through the official Web-Site later!

Here is one video to get you going this morning....

As you listen to Steph Davis, what is your mindset?

Monday, August 3

Size DOES matter

Here is Jamie's quick note about her encounter: (I hope you don"t mind I posted your note on the Blog as well, I love your writing style Jamie!)
"James, I was looking at the I love WW blog and I was so surprised to see a picture of a big snake! I just found a snake on my driveway not even an hour ago! Rosemary and I were playing in the backyard and I saw something black on the driveway. I was trying to figure out what had fallen off my husband's car, but when I walked closer I saw it was a big black snake. That snake was more than 4 feet long. Gaahh, it was pretty gross. I hope Rosemary doesn't decide to go pet the snake if it comes back. What's with all these snakes in the neighborhood? I wonder where they are going!"

Jamie, you rock! Your visitor is bigger than mine! Thanks for the following pictures. Click on each one to get a close-up view. Pretty cool snake!
I really dont know what to say. Hopefully this is the same snake that Brandon spotted in his yard. Although I doubt since Jamie lives on my side of WW, two streets down... Hang on, only two streets down?? I guess it is time to get my kids out of the backyard. Thanks again Jamie for sharing your pictures with us!

More snakes in WW!

Following one of my previous posts about spotting snakes in WW... here is a new one.

I almost stepped on it while I was running...

Saturday, August 1

The appeal of People Magazine and other Gossip Publications

I am at the pool the other day and see a friend who reads U.S Weekly with the cover kind of folded/hidden. As I am getting closer, I greet her with a:
"Hey, what are you reading?", knowing exactly what Magazine it was.
She jumped. She looked at me like I said something like "Hey, your left breast is popping out of your swimsuit".
"Hum, nothing , really", she replied
"Oh it is U.S Weekly", I insisted.
"Is it? Oh yeah. I was just killing some time".

What is wrong with you U.S Weekly & People Magazine readers??
Why can't you admit that yes I read that Mag. because I love what is inside?
Why can't you admit that reading U.S Weekly is an addiction... and a powerful one.
When I fly to New York, at least half of the plane reads a Mag. of that kind.

I am not mocking you. I am making fun of the whole attitude towards reading it, like you are guilty of something.

But yes, you love reading this stuff. Yes it feels good to see that Celebrities have problems too. Yes Celeb. get fat, drunk, break up and get ugly divorces like the rest of us - so to speak.

Now if you go on are the headlines:
- Audrina Patridge eats burgers
- BF Drake falls on stage
- Britney Spears was spotted driving in L.A

- Screech has nobody to lien on
- The Summer sunburn contest -yes it is a real contest where people put their pictures of their worst sunburn.
- IRS faces off with Nic. Cage

Can I live my day without knowing all this?

But wow... I must confess that once I was on, I had to read one so-called news, and another and another and another. I couldn't stop reading. My brain wanted more and more. I had to turn of my hard drive manually to be able to go on with my morning.

I might have to get a yearly subscription using my wife's name...