Sunday, August 30

The WWSC Pool Party was HUGE!!

We were celebrating the 50 years of the WWSC last night at the Pool. Close to 100 people showed up. Amazing. Great food, stunning deco by Dede, live music. Props to all the Pool Board Members for the hard work in setting up this party.

Until I get some actual pictures of last night I will use the following:

First the Crowd poured in...

We just had enough beers...

Some people showed up in really cool costumes...

Yes for you ladies, you can click on this picture to enlarge it!

By 11 p.m, the party was over. I want to thank everyone for coming and supporting our local Swimming Pool. As our 2009 season is nearing to an end, I hope that 2010 will see an increase in membership to keep our WWSC alive and healthy. I promise I will post real pictures as soon as I get my hand on some.


  1. Brian and I are so glad we could stop by for the end. We had a great time! The decorations and music were great. Thanks for all of your hard work!
    - Sarah M.

  2. From Jim & Carrie via email:
    "Thanks to you all for a really fun party last night. Everything was so nice! Please pass our appreciation on to others involved with pulling it all together. Great season at the pool!
    Carrie and Jim"