Saturday, August 1

The appeal of People Magazine and other Gossip Publications

I am at the pool the other day and see a friend who reads U.S Weekly with the cover kind of folded/hidden. As I am getting closer, I greet her with a:
"Hey, what are you reading?", knowing exactly what Magazine it was.
She jumped. She looked at me like I said something like "Hey, your left breast is popping out of your swimsuit".
"Hum, nothing , really", she replied
"Oh it is U.S Weekly", I insisted.
"Is it? Oh yeah. I was just killing some time".

What is wrong with you U.S Weekly & People Magazine readers??
Why can't you admit that yes I read that Mag. because I love what is inside?
Why can't you admit that reading U.S Weekly is an addiction... and a powerful one.
When I fly to New York, at least half of the plane reads a Mag. of that kind.

I am not mocking you. I am making fun of the whole attitude towards reading it, like you are guilty of something.

But yes, you love reading this stuff. Yes it feels good to see that Celebrities have problems too. Yes Celeb. get fat, drunk, break up and get ugly divorces like the rest of us - so to speak.

Now if you go on are the headlines:
- Audrina Patridge eats burgers
- BF Drake falls on stage
- Britney Spears was spotted driving in L.A

- Screech has nobody to lien on
- The Summer sunburn contest -yes it is a real contest where people put their pictures of their worst sunburn.
- IRS faces off with Nic. Cage

Can I live my day without knowing all this?

But wow... I must confess that once I was on, I had to read one so-called news, and another and another and another. I couldn't stop reading. My brain wanted more and more. I had to turn of my hard drive manually to be able to go on with my morning.

I might have to get a yearly subscription using my wife's name...

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  1. James, I am laughing so hard right now! I used to subscribe to Us Weekly, but I gave it up a few years ago. Now, if I am going to be taking a plane ride longer than 2 hours, then I might give in and buy it for the plane ride. My excuse is that I get motion sickness reading a novel for that long, but I can look at the pictures and short articles and not get motion sickness. It might take me 2 trips to the grocery store to get through this new cover letter of the Bachelorette. I need to pick the slowest line to have time to read the article! - Sarah M.