Thursday, August 13

Wild Turkeys on Bennett

I ran into Jim Lewis the other day at the Pool. He told me he spotted some Wild Turkeys on Bennett and took a couple of pictures with his cell phone. I asked him if he could share his pictures with the Blog. I just got his email this morning. Jim is a great guy and I love his sense of humor. Thanks for contributing to the Blog.

"James, here are the pictures of a family of turkey's that John and I saw last Thusday. They were on Bennett when we first saw them, then ducked into the bushes behind St Matthews just and across from Garland. Quality is not very good, but best I could do with my phone. Good thing I don't have to make calls with my camera. "

Incredible shots. It is right by my house, but I never spotted Wild Turkeys before. Have you?? It looks like a whole family!!


  1. Brian, I assume you meant much SAFER than snakes !! lol.

  2. I see these turkeys on Warson Road all the time! In the field by the first hill.