Saturday, December 22

Best Christmas Cheer Ever

Thursday, December 6

Job Opening in Warson Woods

The City Of Warson Woods is accepting applications for the position of Police Officer. Starting salary range is between $33,000 & $37,000. Applications may be picked up at the Warson Woods city hall at 10015 Manchester Rd. between 9:00AM and 5:00PM. Applicants must possess a Class A P.O.S.T certification and a valid driver’s license. 

Applications will be accepted until December 20, 2012. If you have any questions, please call  314-965-3100

Sunday, December 2

Warson Woods Crime Report

A dog was attacked by another dog while being walked by its owner in the 600 block of Flanders Drive at about 5:30PM. The owner of the dog, which had run through its electric fence, was issued a summons to appear in municipal court for having a vicious animal, as there have been prior complaints about the dog. 

A resident of the 700 block of Havenwood Circle Drive reported person(s) unknown had attempted to use her credit card info to make purchases from the Home Shopping Network with out her permission. The charge was declined because the resident had an alert on her personal information due to a prior identity theft problem. Attempts to contact the Home Shopping Network to investigate met with negative results.

A solicitor complaint was received for two subjects soliciting home improvements in the area of Brookhurst Drive and Warson Woods Drive at 3:15PM. The pair was advised to cease until they obtained permits from City Hall.

A 31-year-old Sunset Hills woman was arrested at the Rock Hill Police Department and charged with failure to appear in court for previous traffic violations at 1:45PM. She was released after posting a $300.00 bond.

Police were dispatched to a parking lot in the 9900 block of Manchester Road for a report of a female pedestrian panhandling. She was advised to cease and left the area on a Metro bus.

A 22-year-old Sunset Hills man was arrested and charged in municipal court with driving with a suspended license, illegal window tint, and fugitive charges from the Sunset Hills and St. Louis County Police Departments following a 2:30PM traffic stop in the 10000 Block of Manchester Road. He was released to Sunset Hills authorities after posting a $450.00 bond on the Warson Woods Charges.

Police were dispatched to a report of someone banging on the front door of a home in the 300 block of Medina drive at 1:15AM. Person(s) unknown had tied fishing line to the doorknocker and ran it across the street to cause the noise. Officers did not locate anyone in the area.

A resident of the 1400 block of Forest View Drive called police to report the back door of a neighboring home standing open at 2:00PM. Responding officers determined that entry had been forced in to the home. Police are investigating the burglary, which occurred within the past three weeks.

Thursday, November 29

Boot Camp by our 2012 Trot thru the Woods Winner

My Good friend Darcy Zenker who finished First in the Female Category and 3rd overall of the Trot thru the Woods 2012 last Saturday is hosting a Boot Camp this Saturday .

See below for all the details. She is absolutely phenomenal and beginners are welcome.

Here is the link to her Facebook Like Page: LINK

Climb Away The Calories with Our Arch Workout!
Tired of the Gym and that boring old Stairmaster? Then give these Stairs a Try. 

Get Outside & Enjoy the Beauty of the ARCH all while burning over 700+ calories.   

When: Saturday, December 1, 2012 9:00a.m.
Where: Class will meet at the SW corner of City Garden
Class Cost $6 for current clients and $10 for Drop In Fitness Friends. Please RSVP

Pet-acular at the Purina Event Center

Monday, November 26

Nextdoor Warson Woods

My good friend Rebecca Dohrman facebooked me the other day about the site

Here was her message:
"I recently learned that Clifton Heights down near the city is using as a way to organize their neighborhood privately on the web. I was wondering if Warson Woods had something like that and I submitted my info and it looked like I created it:
Do you think something like this (that allows us to co-create a directory, plan events, do a local "craigslist" sort of classifieds, and share photos and event info would be interesting? I also like Facebook for this kind of thing, but it seems like this is much more sophisticated and I like that it is private to just our neighbors. I'd love your opinion on if this is something that is worthwhile or if it is just the latest trend. My friend in Clifton Heights really loves it, but I haven't heard from other users.
I hope all is well.

I love the idea Rebecca. I invited a bunch of friends via FB. Already six people have joined. We need 4 more to have the Site up and running for good, so please spread the word and hopefully, we will make our wonderful Warson Woods even more friendly and safe. See you on Nextdoor!

Trot thru the Woods - The Pictures

Start of the Race

Here is the Link: PICTURES OF THE TROT
I must say that our volunteer Photographer Brian Carr did an amazing job. Make sure to thank him if you run into him in the upcoming weeks. Kudos to you my friend Brian, well done!!

Chris Keller the 2012 Winner

Darcy Zenker (right) 1st Female Overall and Ashley Metcalf (left) 

Saturday, November 24

Trot thru the Woods 2012 - The Overall Results

1 20:26.9 Keller Chris 4816 37 M
2 20:47.1 Narkiewicz David 4831 37 M
3 20:53.9 Zenker Darcy 4789 32 F
4 21:05.1 Metcalf Ashley 4736 30 F
5 21:22.8 Golomski Paul 4812 38 M
 6 21:43.3 Berg Thomas 4803 51 M
 7 22:04.7 Danon Jaime 4764 36 F
 8 22:13.4 Sweeney Brad 4725 38 M
 9 22:17.1 Nolan Courtney 4838 32 F
 10 22:18.0 Rogers Dennis 4722 61 M
 11 22:20.1 Heffner Drew 4842 37 M
 12 22:27.9 Porter David 4809 46 M
 13 22:28.8 Zenker Mike 4829 32 M
 14 22:47.5 Danon Saar 4765 37 M
 15 23:34.3 Sutherell Jamie 4827 36 M
 16 23:52.8 Metcalf Joe 4735 45 M
 17 23:57.2 Dell'Orco Mick 4819 22 M
 18 24:00.7 Knoll Kevin 4822 28 M
 19 24:01.9 Nolan Patrick 4837 33 M
 20 24:10.3 Knoll Steve 4740 M
 21 24:13.3 Stolzer Mark 4828 56 M
 22 24:18.6 Berg Mia 4799 14 F
 23 24:27.7 Dell'Orco Tom 4818 19 M
 24 24:33.3 Munger Gareth 4720 41 M
 25 24:43.4 Harvath Bob 4833 53 M
 26 24:54.6 Sweeney David 4729 40 M
 27 25:09.1 Weiler John 4761 39 M
 28 25:21.1 Miller Katherine 4775 33 F
 29 25:31.5 Knoll Alex 4739 29 M
 30 25:39.6 Porter Alexandra 4808 15 F
 31 25:46.0 Knoll Harrison 4843 24 M
 32 26:07.1 Martens Aaron 4807 27 M
 33 26:09.1 Palma Frankie 4805 9 M
 34 26:10.0 Dell'Orco Tina 4817 47 F
 35 26:38.2 Krul Elaine 4810 57 F
 36 26:45.7 Andrus Michael 4834 16 M
 37 26:47.5 Willis Taryn 4811 27 F
 38 26:55.4 Cerame Bob 4823 59 M
 39 27:06.4 Parmelee Joe 4794 11 M
 40 27:24.2 Carr Sydney 4746 12 F
 41 27:27.1 Lock Grace 4798 11 F
 42 27:38.8 Hattrich Will 4713 11 M
 43 27:40.3 Parmelee Tom 4793 41 M
 44 27:41.5 Parmelee Joe 4795 48 M
 45 27:52.0 Bautista Tracy 4772 42 F
 46 28:12.7 No Race#
 47 28:14.1 Jones Roland 4844 32 M
 48 28:40.5 Jones Melissa 4845 31 F
 49 28:51.0 Milner Kate 4717 14 F
 50 28:57.6 Stewart Eddie 4758 6 M
 51 29:02.4 Zarrilli Joe 4802 8 M
 52 29:02.4 Stewart Bill 4759 45 M
 53 29:24.8 Milner Jack 4716 55 M
 54 29:48.3 Spindl Kerri 4836 37 F
 55 29:50.0 Keller Kerry 4835 37 F
 56 30:15.5 Knoll Vicky 4738 30 F
 57 30:15.8 Wegener Kim 4734 31 F
 58 30:35.3 Wegener Billy 4733 32 M
 59 30:36.6 Byergo Susie 4705 36 F
 60 30:36.8 DeMargel Becky 4701 36 F
 61 30:42.2 Lock Elizabeth 4832 44 F
 62 31:04.9 Long Kathy 4846 12 F
 63 31:28.1 Knoll Emily 4749 30 F
 64 31:39.7 Newman Jim 4841 40 M
 65 31:49.9 Munger Caleb 4719 9 M
 66 32:00.9 Munger Therese 4721 41 F
 67 32:16.7 Quillin Mike 4787 39 M
 68 32:17.0 Reed Elizabeth 4788 35 F
 69 33:00.4 Spellecy Lynn 4839 36 F
 70 33:26.2 Knizel Kirsten 4830 36 F
 71 33:47.3 Garza Alex 4791 11 M
 72 34:18.0 Rowan Dave 4724 48 M
 73 34:37.0 Merriman John 4826 45 M
 74 35:00.4 Rowan Annie 4723 50 F
 75 35:01.5 Palma Melanie 4806 29 F
 76 35:04.3 Martens Alan 4804 55 M
 77 35:48.4 Brennan Mark 4744 39 M
 78 35:51.9 Agathen Alan 4785 62 M
 79 35:52.2 Agathen Madeline 4786 23 F
 80 36:43.9 Hansen Caitlin 4781 12 F
 81 36:59.2 Kropf Kevin 4847 41 M
 82 37:11.9 Chilson David 4712 40 M
 83 37:12.1 Chilson Kelly 4711 39 F
 84 37:26.1 Hansen Nicole 4782 9 F
 85 37:26.6 Hansen Brian 4780 40 M
 86 37:47.8 Kropf Mary 4849 47 F
 87 37:49.9 Knoll Jeanne 4741 F
 88 37:50.6 Knoll Brad 4748 31 M
 89 37:51.3 Knoll Robert 4714 60 M
 90 37:52.7 Knoll Laura 4783 31 F
 91 39:24.5 No Race#
 92 39:25.1 No Race#
 93 41:08.6 No Race#
 94 41:09.8 No Race#
 95 41:45.5 Rose Robert 4754 43 M
 96 43:37.2 Knoll Heidi 4784 28 F
 97 43:38.2 Miles Jennifer 4715 52 F

Trot thru the Woods 2012 - Results coming soon!

It was another fantastic morning in Warson Woods. A little cold but a great turn-out. We are in the process of getting all the results and pictures together for you. 

Thank you to all the runners and volunteers for making the 4th Annual Trot thru the Woods such a special Event.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 30

Fitness Friday at he Magic House!!

The Warson Woods Running Club is participating in an event at the Magic House on Friday 11/2 called Fitness Fun Fridays. Ed and Laura Crites, Mike Normile and James Lambert will be facilitating a fun “Gingerbread” themed reading and stretching activity for kids. We will also be promoting the Trot Thru the Woods on Saturday 11/24. Please consider joining us and other Ste. Gen families sometime between 4:00 and 8:00 on Friday. Children are admitted free by completing the attached activity. The admission fee for adults is $9.50.

If you cannot make it on Friday, please consider signing up for the Trot Thru the Woods. Entry forms are due next Friday 11/9.

Friday, October 5

Warson Woods Fall Festival postponed until Saturday!

Due to inclement weather, the Fall Festival scheduled for tonight is postponed until tomorrow, Saturday, October 6, from 6 to 10 p.m.

Please help to spread the word. Thanks and see you all on Saturday Night!

Saturday, July 7

Warson Woods Crime Report

Wednesday, June 20 
Warson Woods police arrested a 44-year-old St. Louis County man at the Des Peres Police Department after receiving several reports of the man hugging female shoppers at a business in the 9900 block of Manchester Rd. over the past several months. One victim reported being kissed on the lips by the man.
KSDK-TV reported that the Des Peres Police Department also has received complaints about the man from women in Des Peres, St. Peters, High Ridge, near Ballwin and in Fairview Heights, IL.
Formal charges of third-degree assault are pending with the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s office. .
Friday, June 22
Police arrested a 52-year-old Florissant man at the Florissant Police Department and charged him with failure to appear in court on multiple traffic charges. He was released after posting a $600 bond.
Saturday, June 23
Someone struck a parked vehicle in the lot of a business in the 9900 block of Manchester Rd. and left the scene of the accident between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Police are continuing to investigate.
Thursday, June 28
  • Warson Woods Police were dispatched to a business in the 10000 block of Manchester Rd. at 10:48 a.m. for a report of a man asking customers for money. After a record check returned negative results, the man was sent on his way.
  • An officer checking on an illegally parked vehicle on Warson Oaks Court near Flanders Drive arrested a 48-year-old St. Louis woman at 9:45 a.m. and charged her in municipal court with failure to appear on traffic charges. She was released after posting a $300 bond. 
  • A 46-year-old Clayton man was arrested and charged with failure to appear in court on an outstanding traffic ticket at the Glendale Police Department at 12:30 p.m. He was released after posting a $150 bond.
Friday, June 29/Saturday, June 30 
Fraudulent credit card activity was reported twice during the past week.  A Rock Hill man said his credit card was not returned to him at a restaurant in the 10000 block of Manchester Rd. on June 26 after going through the drive-thru. He came back the next morning and retrieved his card. However, he said someone made unauthorized purchases in Virginia with his information during the time the card was out of his possession.  
Additionally, a Glendale man reported his debit card was not returned to him after going through the drive-thru on Saturday, June 30 at the same business and a large payment to a local utility company was charged to his card. His card was not recovered. Police are continuing to investigate both cases

Thursday, July 5

Political Buttons 2012

As you already know, I love promoting our local businesses and entrepreneurs. Here is a message from my good friends and Warson Woods residents, Judy & Jim Griffith:

Check out created by Jim and Judy Griffith. Jim is the designer of these unique Presidential Buttons, Car Stickers, T-Shirts and Flags.

His buttons are sold nationwide at events. Jim lives right here in Warson Woods. You may email an order to avoid shipping charges.

These buttons make wonderful keepsake souvenirs of this epic election.

You may contact Jim via email with questions.

Wednesday, July 4

4th of July - East Side Parade

 Georges and Brian - Winners of the Water Balloon Toss

 Mark didn't catch the egg on time!

 A Tie for 1st Place in the Egg Toss Contest

Sean Huss won the Bubble Gum Contest for the second year in a row

Tuesday, July 3

4th of July Fun Facts

Courtesy of my friend Michael Bratton from The Padawer Bratton Financial Group.

Happy 4th of July! To honor the 236th anniversary of American independence, we
have gathered a few interesting facts for you to sprinkle into conversations during the holiday.
  • Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national animal but was outvoted when John Adams and Thomas Jefferson chose the bald eagle.
  • Over an estimated 150 million hot dogs will be consumed on July 4th. That's roughly one dog for every two people in the United States.
  • Calvin Coolidge is the only U.S. president born on the 4th of July. He was born in 1872.
  • $190.7 million-- The value of fireworks imported from China in 2010, representing the bulk of all U.S. fireworks imported ($197.3 million). U.S. exports of fireworks, by comparison, came to just $37.0 million in 2010, with Japan purchasing more than any other country ($6.3 million).
  • John Hancock was the only person to actually sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The other 55 signers did not sign it until August 2nd or even later.
  • 125,000 -- The number of U.S. flags flown over the U.S. Capitol during 2010 at the request of House and Senate members. On July 4 alone, 1,200 were flown.
  • "Nothing important happened today." — Diary entry by King George III on July 4, 1776.
  • $3.2 million -- The dollar value of U.S. imports of American flags in 2010. The vast majority of this amount ($2.8 million) was for U.S. flags made in China. While $486,026 is the value of U.S. flags exported in 2010. Mexico was the leading customer, purchasing $256,407 worth.
  • The national anthem is set to the tune of an old English drinking song called, “To Anacreon in Heaven”.
  • Five places have “America” in their names. The most populous is American Fork, Utah (26,263). Eleven places have “Independence” in their names. The most populous one is Independence, Mo. (116,830).

Monday, June 25

Open Streets 2012

From the City's Website:

"The City of St. Louis is proud to announce its third year of Open Streets events. This year's events, scheduled 9AM - 1PM on Saturday June 30th and September 29th, will wind through the Holly Hills, South Hampton, and Southwest Gardens neighborhoods. Both Open Streets events will feature several miles of City roads that will be closed to automobiles but open to pedestrians and cyclists. Open Streets is a special opportunity to be active and social while exploring the hidden gems of our unique City neighborhoods."

Warson Woods Crime Report

The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s office formally charged a 22-year-old St. Louis woman with possession of a controlled substance (heroin) from a March, 08, 2011 arrest. 

Police were called to a business in the 10000 block of Manchester Rd. at 12:22PM for a leaving the scene accident in which a car trying to back out of the drive-thru line struck another car and left the scene. The victim got a license plate number and officers located the other driver. She was unaware she had struck another car and criminal charges were not filed. 

Police arrested a 28-year-old Mexican man and charged him in municipal court with disobeying a stop sign and operating a vehicle with no driver’s license. The man was transported to the St. Louis County Justice Center at the request of US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement for investigation of his immigration status after posting a $400.00 bond on the Warson Woods Charges. 

A resident of the 300 block of Mark Drive reported that person(s) unknown had put sugar in her car’s gas tank. She was unable to determine at the time if the damage happened while the car was parked on the driveway or in the parking garage at her place of employment. Repairs were estimated at over $800.00. 

Police arrested a 43-year-old Brentwood woman and charged her in municipal court with disobeying a stop sign, no proof of insurance, driving with a suspended license and a fugitive warrant from Des Peres Police for possession of drug paraphernalia following a 220PM traffic stop on N. Woodlawn Ave. at Medina Drive. She was released after posting bond for both agencies’ charges. 

Tuesday, June 19

The most inspiring Blog around!

Martha Payne

Martha Payne is a 9 year old girl who started a Blog. She takes pictures of her meals at School. The Blog went viral. Then she was told by the School to shut it down...

Below are 2 links, the first one is to her Blog and the second is the downfall of the story since she was told to  stop blogging. How inspiring!

NeverSeconds: Friends of NeverSeconds: Kitchen here we come! We have raised £85,429.63 so far but I am unsure if I should add the Gift Aid at the bottom of the JustGiving page . T...

More to the story at

Monday, June 18

Board of Aldermen meeting tomorrow night

Posted at the Warson Woods City Hall on Friday, June 15, 2012 at 11:30 a.m. Delivered to the 
Board of Aldermen and faxed to the news the same day. 
June 19, 2012 
Pledge of Allegiance        
I. Roll Call 
      II.        PUBLIC HEARING—Setting the 2012-2013 Fiscal Budget 
III.      Minutes 
                   Regular Board Meeting—May 15, 2012 
                   Special Board Meeting—May 22, 2012 
       Finance, Insurance & Personnel Meeting—May 30, 2012 
IV. Treasurer’s Report for May 2012 
V. Bill and Recurring Disbursements with Addendum to be Approved 
VI. Reports May 2012 
 Glendale Fire Report 
 Warson Woods Police Report 
VII. Petitions, Requests and Complaints – Five-minute time limit per speaker. 
VIII. Misc. Reports 
A Collector 
B. Building Commissioner 
C. Park Commissioner 
D. Tennis Commissioner 
E. City Engineer 
F. City Attorney  
G. Treasurer 
H. Mayor   
        IX.     Old Business
                  A.   Discussion of the Police Department Budget. 
     B.   Misc. Old Business
   X.     New Business 
A.     Ordinance Setting the Fiscal Budget for Fiscal Year 2012-2013.  Bill No 1557   
         Introduced by Alderman Andrews. 
                    B.     Misc. New Business 

Posted at the Warson Woods City Hall on Friday, June 15, 2012 at 11:30 a.m. Delivered to the 
Board of Aldermen and faxed to the news the same day. 
     XI. EXECUTIVE (CLOSED) SESSION – Notice is hereby given that, subject to a motion duly 
made and adopted, the Board of Aldermen may also hold a closed meeting for the purpose of 
dealing with matters relating to one or more of the following:  Legal actions, causes of action, 
litigation or privileged communications between the City’s representatives and its attorney 
(610.021(1)); leasing, purchasing, or sale of real-estate (610.021(2)); hiring, firing, 
disciplining or promoting employees (610.021(3)).   
    XII.        Adjournment. 

Thursday, June 14

Today is Flag Day

As per Wikipedia:

"In the United States Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened that day by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.The United States Army also celebrates the Army Birthday on this date; Congress adopted "the American continental army" after reaching a consensus position in the Committee of the Whole on June 14, 1775.

The week of June 14 is designated as "National Flag Week." During National Flag Week, the president will issue a proclamation urging U.S. citizens to fly the American flag for the duration of that week. The flag should also be displayed on all government buildings. Some organizations hold parades and events in celebration of America's national flag and everything it represents."

Wednesday, June 13

I know it is not Warson Woods but...

10 Bets you will never lose...

So many pool and neighborhood parties going on right now in Warson Woods. Here are few simple bets/tricks you can use to entertain your friends + they are kids friendly!

Have fun!

Friday, June 8

The Realtor Corner - Warson Woods Homes for Sale

First of all - YES, the picture below is from a house currently for sale in Warson Woods and it is not located in the Old Section. Can you identify the house?

So you know how much I love putting WW on the Map and I love to update this Realtor Corner. But it takes a while to source out the listings and plug all the information. I hooked up with Karen Goodman from Arch City Homes the other day after sharing one of her posts, and I mention the Blog to her. She loved it and here was her idea:

" While we love listing homes in your area, we also work with buyers. I've got a link that you could post, maybe in the sidebar on your blog, which would give anyone who clicks through a complete current list of the homes for sale in Warson Woods regardless of who the listing agent is. 

By keeping the link on your site, you become the total source for new listings in the community since visitors would likely go back to your site to click and see the latest listings. They can also see recently closed sales and open house information on this same home search.

And maybe some of them would call us to set up an appointment to see the homes, and then hire us to help them with buying a home."

So here you have it, if you scroll down on the Sidebar, just above the Section "Followers", the permanent Link: "Homes for Sale in Warson Woods", courtesy of Karen. 

By the way, have you found the address of the house with the pool above? If not, then hit the Link "Homes for Sale in Warson Woods" on the Sidebar for the answer. Happy browsing!

Thursday, June 7

Petty Cash Junction welcomes a new Band Member

A message from my good friend Beth Gore:

"My husband, John Gore, has joined this cool band, PettyCash Junction. They're a tribute band, half the night is Tom Petty, other half is Johnny Cash. They are playing this Friday at 9:30 at Kirkwood Station Brewing Co. in Kirkwood (to overstate the obvious). I'll be there with John and Donna Garza. Come join us!"

Congrats John! So I guess if you work late nights, I finally might have a shot at beating you when we play tennis together.

Tuesday, June 5

Warson Woods Area Crime Report

From The Warson Woods Police Department, here is the latest:
A 23-year-old Kirkwood man was arrested and charged in municipal court with driving while intoxicated (prior offender), improper lane use, and driving with no headlights on at 01:36AM following a traffic stop in the 10000 block of Manchester Road. He was released after posting a $550.00 bond.

Police were called for a solicitor complaint in the ...1600 block of Andrew Drive at 8:30PM. The subject was advised to cease until he obtained a permit from City Hall.

A resident of the 800 block of Rampart drive reported several male juveniles in white polo shirts ringing doorbells, jumping over fences and “creating havoc” in the area at 10:41PM. The juveniles fled the area prior to police arrival.

Police were dispatched to a disturbance on Ridge Line drive at 01:41AM. A roadside assistance tow truck driver declined to make repairs to a vehicle because he felt the subject requesting assistance was too intoxicated to drive. When the intoxicated subject became aggressive, police were called. The man admitted he had been drinking and the repairs were made when his girlfriend, who was not impaired, agreed to drive.

A 47-year-old Fenton woman was arrested and charged in municipal court with driving with a suspended license and improper vehicle registration following an 8:18PM traffic stop in the 10000 block of Manchester Rd. She was released after posting a $400.00 bond.

An officer on patrol discovered vandalism to the rear of a business in the 9900 block of Manchester Rd. Someone spray painted graffiti on a concrete wall in the loading dock area of the business.

Several unlocked vehicles were rifled through on business parking lots in the 9900 block of Manchester Rd. between 4:50AM and 10:00AM. Nothing was taken from the cars.

Free Summer Concerts - St Louis County


I must say Karen Goodman from did a terrific job putting this list together. I added a link at the end of the post if you are interested to see the whole article.


  • Heman Park (University City): TBA***


  • Faust Park (Chesterfield): June 5 – August 14, no concert July 3 (7-9 pm)
  • Market in the Loop (University City): June 12 – July 24 (7-8 pm)




Here is the Link if you want to see the St. Louis City Schedule and the St Charles ones: LINK

Monday, June 4

Mike's gruesome accident

From my friend Mike O'Shea who lives in the old section of Warson Woods:

"Do not skip going to church on Sunday....I did....went to return some bottles to Oberweiss. I bought some more, carried them the car, the bag broke, each bottle hitting the ground and breaking in succession. I was then standing in a sea of broken glass and milk...I go to the other side of my car, which is on a hill, sideways, to move it so I can get the broken glass from under it. I lose my grip on the door and it slammed into my head, cutting open a large gash that has only recently stopped I ended up standing in a sea of milk, with broken glass all around me, with blood gushing down my head...I am looking forward to Monday morning..."

I can't believe you kept your sense of humor during the process. Feel better Mike, you are a true warrior.

Sunday, June 3

Our Warson Woods resident Matt Witte is a Deacon

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson has ordained nine men to the Order of the Diaconate as permanent deacons yesterday at 10 a.m., at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, Lindell Boulevard and Newstead Avenue in the Central West End.
The new deacons are Charles Bacher, David Billing, Timothy Dallas, Daniel Graham, John Hofmann, Fred Tustanowsky, Donald Walker, H. Matt Witte and Robert Wood.
Last night, the 5 p.m Mass at Ste Genevieve was very emotional. We had a full house. The entire community came to congratulate Matt Witte and his wife Gina for this amazing achievement. What  a journey it has been for Matt!
The reception at the Gym had a phenomenal turn-out. I must say that Matt is a good draw! It was so nice to see some of our oldest residents joining the rest of us for dinner. 
And from a French point of view, I give a special mention to Nick Witte. I loved the white jacket and the pink tie. Nick, you looked very sharp last night! 

Saturday, June 2

Update on the New Provider for Collection of Solid Waste

From the Web Site:

New Provider for Collection of Solid Waste, Yard waste, and Recyclables
After going out to bid, the City has selected IESI as its new provider for residential waste pick-up service. As before, the provider will contract directly with the resident for the services desired.  An informational meeting was held at City Hall on May 17, 2012 (seeSlide Show) and you should have received information from the City and IESI regarding the transition (see IESI's May 4, 2012 Letter) but a summary is included below. 
The City of Warson Woods strongly encourages all residents to elect the Standard Service (Once Weekly, Curbside) or the Twice Weekly, Curbside service to take delivery of and use the IESI-supplied, 95 gallon solid waste cart (this is a wheeled cart that is larger than the recycling cart; an example is on display at City Hall).  We understand that some residents have expressed a desire to not take delivery of the 95 gallon cart due to concerns about the small amount of solid waste they generate and the size of the cart.  It is not a requirement to take delivery of and use the IESI 95 gallon solid waste cart in order for your trash to get collected for the Standard Service or the Twice Weekly, Curbside service.  Please keep in mind the following when making your decision:
  • If you elect to not take delivery of a cart, please notify IESI of your name, address, and phone number and that you don’t want the 95 gallon cart.  If one gets delivered to your residence by mistake, please call City Hall (965-3100) and the City will come by and collect your cart.
  • You CAN use the 95 gallon solid waste cart for your yard waste (leaves, grass, sticks, etc) similar to the way that many residents use their existing trash cans for the same purpose.  However, you CANNOT co-mingle trash/ solid waste and yard waste in this container.  Therefore, for the residents that still wish to use their own trash cans for the small amount of solid waste they generate and use the larger IESI solid waste cart for just a yard waste cart, this might provide a viable option.
  • You will be responsible for ensuring that your smaller trash can is present at the curbside for collection on the designated trash pickup date – similar to the requirement for everyone electing either the Standard Service or the Twice Weekly, Curbside service that are using the IESI-supplied carts.
  • There will be no yard waste or solid waste collected from recycling carts.  These are single use carts for recyclables only.
As mentioned below, we anticipate that smaller solid waste containers (approximately the same size as the recycling carts) will be available later.

Summary of Service and Options
Standard Service:  Includes once-weekly pick-up at the curb of every Residential Dwelling Unit of Solid Waste, Yard waste (twice weekly from October 15 - December 15), and Recyclables including a 95-gallon Solid Waste container, replacement of damaged Solid Waste and recycling containers upon request, and providing recycling containers to new residents upon request.   
Cost of Service per Residential Dwelling Unit/per Month
First Year$18.92
Second  Year$19.49
Third Year$20.07
Optional – Fourth Year$20.67
Optional – Fifth Year$21.29

Optional Services – Optional Services – in lieu of the Standard service described above, each Customer has three (3) options to select a higher level of solid waste collection services for additional costs. These services are:
  • Twice Weekly, Curbside – This option is identical to the Standard Service except that Solid Waste shall be picked up twice weekly at the curb. Residents will be provided a 95 gallon solid waste container (same as Standard Service) and the cart is included in the monthly cost. 
 Cost of Service per Residential Dwelling Unit/per Month
First Year$26.29
Second  Year$27.08
Third Year$27.89
Optional – Fourth Year$28.73
Optional – Fifth Year$29.59
  • Once Weekly Solid Waste Backdoor Collection – This option is identical to the Standard Service except that no Solid Waste cart shall be provided rather the Customer shall have their Solid Waste picked up from the rear or adjacent to the garage one time per week.
Cost of Service per Residential Dwelling Unit/per Month
First Year$23.86
Second  Year$24.57
Third Year$25.31
Optional – Fourth Year$26.07
Optional – Fifth Year$26.85
  • Twice Weekly Solid Waste Backdoor Collection – This option is identical to the Standard Service except that Solid Waste shall be picked up twice weekly and no Solid Waste cart shall be provided but rather the Customer shall have their Solid Waste picked up from the rear or adjacent to the garage.
Cost of Service per Residential Dwelling Unit/per Month
First Year$32.66
Second  Year$33.53
Third Year$34.54
Optional – Fourth Year$35.58
Optional – Fifth Year$36.65

The new contract with IESI begins Sunday, July 1st 2012. Residents can select their preferred level of service either by sending in the postcard to IESI with your elected level of service by May 31, 2012 or you will be enrolled in “Standard Service”.  The 95 gallon carts will be delivered to residents electing curbside service in late June 2012 (either once per week or twice per week). Smaller carts (65 gallon) will not be available in June 2012 but will be available at a later date.  Final decisions on days of service will be made after May 31st and based on resident options selected/ feedback. Days of collection/ feedback within city were specified as Tuesday-Thursday in bid specification in anticipation of a large majority of city using once weekly pickup options.