Monday, December 12

What was that about??

 3 p.m on my way to Ste. gen. The Glendale Fire Dpt. is on Flanders... Was it a drill??

From the St. Louis Post Dispatch / Honoring Capt. Thomas Targee

In case you missed it, this is a copy/paste of a piece that came out on Saturday in the Post.

"Framed by a replica of a painting of his great, great grandfather Capt. Thomas B. Targee at St. Louis Fire Department headquarters near downtown St. Louis, Richard Targee Smith of Warson Woods greets his daughter Margaret Moore of Ballwin with a kiss on the hand as the two talk together Saturday, December 10, 2011, following a dedication ceremony for a fireboat searchlight salvaged from the Capt. Targee Fire Boat, named after the Captain who died fighting "the great fire of 1849" in St. Louis. The fire started on the steamboat "White Cloud" on May 17, 1849, and, with the help of strong winds, ignited 23 steamboats, 9 flatboats, and 430 buildings over 15 blocks of St. Louis. Three people died in the fire. The fire led to the development of a professional fire department. Photo by Erik M. Lunsford"

Sunday, December 11

Christmas with Santa at Ste. Genevieve du Bois

Thanks to all the volunteers... great food, great games, great Santa!

Congrats to Will Mozeliak for guessing the right amount of candy in the jar and to Tommy Janish for winning the Pillow Pet!

Saturday, December 10

Best Decorated Christmas House in Warson Woods

Thank God we don't have houses decorated as extreme as the one above.

There is one on Renderer that I really like a lot by my friend Brian... with all the beautiful big stars hanging from the trees. Definitely one of the front runners.

How about you? Where is your favorite decorated house in Warson Woods?

Thursday, December 8

The Missing Sock

Can someone give me a tip on how not to lose a sock or 2 after the third load of laundry??

Wednesday, December 7

I know it is not Warson Woods but...

How to manage exercising, eating well and balancing our lives within our busy daily schedule? some shortcuts below... your thoughts??

Monday, November 28

The Hallidays in the St. Louis Post Dispatch

In case you missed the piece in the Post Dispatch.

Here is the LINK

Great set of pictures. Beautiful family.

Trot 2011- Kudos to Joe Z.

7 years old and he ran the 5K in 27.49... 7 minutes faster than last year... Great job Joe!!

Saturday, November 26

Trot Thru The Woods 2011 - The Pictures


Brian Carr did an amazing job. Check the link.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to take all these great pictures of the Trot, Brian.

The Ste. Genevieve "Coaches vs the 8th Graders" Soccer Game

One of Ste. Genevieve greatest tradition.

The showdown happened on Thanksgiving morning at 10 am. The 8th Graders didn't have a full squad so some of the coaches decided to switch sides to make the game more competitive.

The all coach team started strong. Pattriti was the keeper, Buzz the stopper, Janisch and Michelle were the D-Backs, Ragsdale, Bacich and Lambert were the midfielders and Stewart was the forward.

Following some great ball movement, Bacich scored from 20+ yard to give the coaches the lead.

The 8th Graders had numerous opportunities in the first part of the game but Pattriti was absolutely phenomenal as a goalie.

The all coach team scored again following a great ball from Janisch to Stewart who dove in the mud and head the ball in the net. An ESPN Top 10 play - no question.

Ragsdale gave the all coach team a 3-0 lead following a nice strike with his left foot.

Then the game changed. The 8th Grader Team started to come alive. Jim Fox entered the game and lead the comeback. Witte, Simon, Niederer, Thompson and Martin who were on the kids side showed some pride and some incredible cardio.

John Lindsay Douglass made some great saves (including one with his mid-section following a strong strike from Ragsdale) and Nick Witte scored twice including the winning goal to give the 8th Grader the W.

Trot Thru the Woods 2011 - Top 92

(pictures courtesy of Tom Hattrich)

Overall Ranking

Our 2011 Overall winner Lucas Bennett - only 13 years old - who finished the last mile with 1 shoe after losing the other at Mile 2, and yet still won the race in 19.07!!

19.07 1 A Bennett Lucas 13 M
19.22 2 F Mannion Jamie 54 M
20.15 3 C Bundy David 26 M
20.20 4 E Sauer Fred 40 M
20.54 5 D Sweeney Brad 37 M
21.20 6 D Keller Chris 36 M
21.40 7 G Rogers Dennis 60 M
22.02 8 E Powers John 41 M
22.40 9 D Wilson Nathan 33 M
23.17 10 D Curtis Jonathan 38 M
23.40 11 D Peterson Chad 32 M
23.47 12 O Sweeney David 39 M
23.49 13 D Normile Michael 36 M
23.54 14 L Dellorco Tina 46 F
24.05 15 H Mote Erica 13 F
24.06 16 M Hoff Karen 51 F
24.50 17 D Foy Kevin 34 M
24.56 18 M Sanner Jon 50 F
24.59 19 K Wilson Kathryn 33 F
25.05 20 D Wassilak Douglas 34 M
25.25 21 E Mote Keith 49 M
25.29 22 F Cerame Bob 57 M
25.37 23 H Porter Alexandra 14 F
25.38 24 E Malik Jim 40 M
26.02 26 A Hattrich William 10 M
26.02 25 I Stovall Madeline 18 F
26.29 27 M Krul Elaine 56 M
26.36 28 K Nolan Patrick 32 M
26.47 29 L Holley Joy 41 F
26.52 30 L Sanner Karen 42 F
27.10 31 D Vemmer Ryan 38 M
27.19 32 H Carr Sydney 11 F
27.31 33 I Bergman Anna 16 F
27.36 34 I Bergman Haley 19 F
27.45 35 J Lindblad Lexie 21 F
27.49 36 A Zarrilli Joe 7 M
27.49 37 E Zarrilli Buzz 40 M
27.57 38 D Wassilak Douglas 34 M
27.59 39 G Alexander Jim 64 M
28.00 40 E Gibson David 48 M
28.00 41 C Bergman John 20 M
28.00 42 F Bergman Brian 52 M
28.07 43 M David Chinda 56 F
28.20 44 D Fitzgerald Christian 39 M
28.36 45 K Malik Laura 38 F
28.40 46 K Wassilek Laura 36 F
28.53 47 K Chilson Kelly 38 F
28.59 48 D Chilson David 39 M
29.41 49 L Fitzgerald Lana 40 M
29.43 50 L Veldhuizen Martha 41 F
31.21 51 M David Chinda 56 F
31.25 52 A Bouchein Chase 9 M
31.35 53 K Powers Jennifer 37 F
31.52 54 L Repp Emily 49 F
31.53 55 L Halliday Leslie 49 F
32.19 56 L Stovall Beth 41 F
32.42 57 D Cravens Kevin 33 M
33.28 58 J Cohen Katie 25 F
34.01 59 O Carr Patrick 9 M
34.03 60 A Garza Alex 10 M
34.46 61 D Fitzgerald Christian 39 M
34.50 62 D Pendill Jamie 39 F
34.57 63 L Metropoulos Kemba 40 F
35.37 64 J Nestojko Mary 27 F
35.38 65 E Yeakley Matt 49 M
36.28 66 H Porter Rachel 12 F
36.36 67 J Bundy Elizabeth 24 F
37.16 68 H Halliday Laura 7 F
37.19 69 H Halliday Joni 10 F
37.24 70 E Halliday John 44 M
37.37 71 M Cohen Pat 55 F
38.11 72 L Schmoele Janet 49 F
39.44 73 K Bouchein Nikki 36 F
39.45 74 E Bouchein Bart 41 M
39.48 75 K Cravens Andrea 33 F
41.14 76 M Robben Susan 51 F
42.20 77 G Lundgren David 72 M
43.50 78 O Carr Angie 42 F
43.50 79 L Garza Donna 40 F
44.30 80 N Vemmer Anne 65 F
45.40 81 F Cohen Roger 51 M
45.43 82 M Cohen Teri 51 F
46.08 83 H Bussmann Ava 9 F
46.16 84 L Bussmann shari 45 F
48.22 85 M Flood Pat 55 F
49.17 86 G Newell Jon 70 M
59.00 87 O Fitzgerald Sadie 10 F
59.00 88 K Fitzgerald Leigh
59.00 89 N Niederberger Margaret
59.00 90 K Niederberger Susan
59.00 91 N Newell Bonnie
59.00 92 O Sweeney Tierney
59.00 93 O Sweeney Jane

Group Age Gender (the letter between your ranking and your last name)

A Under15 M
B 15 - 19 M
C 20 - 29 M
D 30 - 39 M
E 40 - 49 M
F 50 - 59 M
G 60+ M
H Under15 F
I 15 - 19
F J 20 - 29 F
K 30 - 39 F
L 40 - 49 F
M 50 - 59 F
N 60+ F
O 1/2 mile ALL

Tuesday, October 11

Men's Club Guns & Chili Event

Please sign up for the Men’s club first annual Gun’s and Chili event on Sunday, October 30th. It looks like it’s going to be a great time for both experts and beginners. We assume that most people know how to eat chili, but there will be instructors for the shooting if needed.

Sounds like a fun event, so please fill out the attached form and get it back to Joe Gunn at

Men’s Club Guns & Chili Event

Date: Sunday October 30, 2011

Time: 2-6 PM.

Location: St. Louis Trap and Skeet Club

18854 Franklin Rd. Pacific Missouri 63069


This event is open to all men of the parish and guests. Please reserve the date and fill out the reservation form below and return it to Joe Gunn by October 26th.

Instructors will be available so we encourage beginners to join us!

Cost Includes: Chili dinner, beverages, gun rental, shells (12 Gauge) and sporting clays.

(Cost of the event is being supplemented by the Men’s Club.)

Please complete registration and forward via mail, email or fax.

Make checks payable to: Ste. Genevieve Du Bois Men’s Club.

Mail To: Joe Gunn

445 Doral Drive

St. Louis, MO 63122

Phone: Office 966-4777, Fax 966-4762


___ Beginner (novice) will need instruction.

___ Intermediate (some experience) will need refresher.

___ Experienced (no instruction needed).

___ I will bring my own gun, eye protection, etc.

___ I will share my gun and/or I will bring extra gun(s) to



Phone Number:__________________________________

Email Address:__________________________________

I/We will be attending and enclosed is a check for ______

people at $50:00 per person.

Friday, October 7

Girls Night Out coming up on Tuesday!

A message from my good friend Lorilee Cummings:

St Louis Daily Deals has the Girls Night Out event for $10 ($15 on Groupon) coming up this Tuesday... so please hit the link!

Sunday, October 2

Oktoberfest was a great night for our Parish

Congrats to the Bishops for winning the 50/50 Raffles. I can't wait to see Mike, 2 years from now sitting in the cold for 3 hours spinning the raffle drum in place of Leslie Halliday.

After giving me my first Beer Bong a couple of years ago, Jim Lewis is pursuing his quest of initiating me to some great american traditions. Last night I smoke my first cigar. Yes, my very first! Thank you Jim, it was a great experience. I really value our friendship.

What do you have in store for me next?? Beer Bong, Cigar... hum... I am thinking Bear Hunting or a trip to the Playboy Mansion...

Friday, September 30

Ageless Remarkable St. Louisans 2011 Gala Event

Sunday, November 6, 2011
Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch
Cocktails at 6:00 PM
Dinner at 7:00 PM

The annual gala event honors 20 older adults as Ageless-Remarkable Saint Louisans for their continued contributions well after the age of retirement. Hosted by the St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System, the event is expected to attract approximately 700 guests. The gala is the main fundraising event for St. Andrew's and its Charitable Foundation. Funds generated by the gala support the provision of housing and supportive services to low-income and at-risk seniors in the St. Louis area.

This year, among the West County Honorees will be Brother Leo Slay, 80, of Warson Woods, who has served as food service director for the Marianist Schools for the past 40 years. In recent years, he founded and continues to direct the Metro Food Service Co-op and works with local food banks to provide food to those in need.

Thursday, September 29

Band of Brothers - Fall Soccer Roster of the Internationale Team

With 2 proud Warson Woods residents - yours truly and my friend Gio. Do you recognize anyone else on this picture?

By the way, what do you do on Sunday Morning?

Sunday, July 3

Night of a Thousand Stars - Father of the Year

Rudy and Tamara, I love you guys.

Rudy, I will never forget the day you told me - 5 years ago - that we were both oddities in Warson Woods, you being on a wheelchair and me being French. Such a great line... I love your dry sense of humor.

And I feel privileged to be your friend.

Sunday, June 26

A lighting hit one of my trees last night

Literally it scarred the tree on more than 30 feet. I have never seen something like this before.

Monday, June 20

Friday Night Baseball - We need a huge crowd at Ste. Genevieve du Bois!

A message from Mike Lewis:

"Our 8th grade baseball team will be playing on Friday night up at Ste Gen. This will be their last game so as we have done for previous teams, the SGAC will be cooking up some burgers and dogs to help celebrate. All teams will be announced and Ernie Hays will be providing the music.

If you haven’t attended this in the past, it’s a fun time. Bring a cooler and come on up and watch some baseball.

Hope to see you there.

This is the last game that Charlie Luisetti will be coaching at Ste Gen. I think he would love nothing more than to have a huge crowd up there for this event. Charlie has done so much for this organization over the years, I hope you can make it to show our appreciation for all of his hard work. Tell your friends, neighbors and kids to come on up on Friday night – it will be a fun time.By the way, the game is at 6:00.Please help spread the word – I only have so many email addresses.


Mike Lewis"

Friday, May 27

The World of 100 by Toby Ng

I came across this young artist and I believe the "World of 100" is a truly inspiring idea. What do you think?

"If the world was a village of 100 people, how would the composition be? This set of 20 posters is built on statistics about the spread of population around the world under various classifications. The numbers are turned into graphics to give another sense a touch – Look, this is the world we are living in..." (click on pictures to enlarge)

red dot award: communication design 2009
GDC 09 Awards
International Design Awards 2009
HOW 2010 International Design Awards

If you want to know more... here is the link of his website: LINK