Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas!!

A real woman is a man's best friend. She will never stand him up and

never let him down. She will reassure him when he feels insecure and

comfort him after a bad day.

She will inspire him to do things he never thought he could do; to live

without fear and forget regret. She will enable him to express his

deepest emotions and give in to his most intimate desires.

She will make sure he always feels as though he's the most handsome man

in the room and will enable him to be the most confident, sexy,

seductive, and invincible. . .

No wait... Sorry... I'm thinking of beer.

That's what beer does...

Never mind.

Friday, December 10

Happy Friday Warson Woods

As we are getting closer to the fun but stressful holiday season, please remember to keep talking to each other.

Saturday, December 4

Trot Thru the Woods 2010 - Link to the 500 Pictures

Fellow Runners and Walkers,

Thanks again for participating to our 2nd Annual Trot Thru the Woods.

The Shutterfly Account is up and running with over 500 high resolution pictures courtesy of our Photographer Dave Mack (Thanks again Dave - great work!)

Sorry it took me so long to upload these pictures but it was worth the wait - go see for yourself.

Here is the link: LINK

I created a Fan Page on Facebook as well - keyword: Trot Thru the Woods - Feel free to join.

And thanks to your support, we will be able to make a nice donation to the Friends of Wings - (more details to come)

We hope to see you next year again!

Happy Holidays to all....

The Trot Team
Ed Crites, Laura Crites, Roger Bautista and James Lambert

National Geographic - 2010 Photo Contest

I know it is not Warson Woods, but I must share this link with you: LINK

Browse through the pictures... you will embark on an amazing journey.

I included some of my favorites... What are yours?

Have a great Week-End!

Thursday, December 2

Uploading 500 high resolution Pictures on Shutterfly takes forever

Sorry my fellow runners, I am almost done. The pictures from the Trot are amazing. Dave Mack did an outstanding job in capturing everyone's emotion last Saturday. Props to you Dave, and thank you for processing over 2000 pictures on your own time and for dropping a disc of the best 500 at my house last night.

The Shutterfly account should be ready by tomorrow Friday. I will email everyone the link.

Wednesday, December 1

Trot Thru the Woods is on Facebook

I just created a Fan Page. Become a Fan of the Trot. It is fun to be a Fan. And yes, pictures of the runners are coming soon....

Are you a Fan????

I am a fan of Kitties

I am a fan of guys who remain cool under any circumstances (see in the back?)

I am a fan of big weddings

I am a fan of bad action Movies

So don't delay and become a Fan of the Trot Thru the Woods on Facebook - Key Word: Trot Thru the Woods

Monday, November 29

Behind the scene of the Trot - Facts

- Last year 35 runners ran the 5K under 30 minutes, this year 77 runners ran a sub-30! The field is getting stronger.

- 3 children from the Kindergarten class of Ste. Genevieve du Bois ran the whole 5K. Props to you, Joe Zarrilli, Will Mozeliak and Emma Rose Janish! Very impressive.

- Last year, the last runner finished in 49.44, this year despite pushing 2 kids in a stroller the last runner finished in a terrific 42.49.

- Most of our returning runners beat their time from last year. Nice to see you guys still training hard. Special Mention to Sam Berg, Kevin Jackson, Katie Miller, Tracy Bautista, Allison Miller, Shari Bussman, Randy Niederer, Bob Cerame and Mike Normile.

- The Women's Race was a sprint to the finish Line. Our local Mary Simon won by only 7 seconds over Connie Jordan. A classic finish. Connie was running with BarefootRunning Shoes... Wow

Both runners showed great spirit after the race although Connie told me how upset she was for finishing second. I can't wait for the rematch next year!

- Kyle Ormsby won the Men's Race. A Boston Resident, Kyle was visiting his family in St. Louis for Thanksgiving. His Dad ran the Trot as well in an amazing 22.13. Kyle just emailed me: "I enjoyed the race and hope it continues to be successful. All best,Kyle".
Thanks for your kind words Kyle, it means a lot to the Trot Team!

- I already received over 50 emails to thank the Trot Team and the Volunteers for putting this Event together, well we all want to thank you - the Runners - for making it possible.

Christmas Movies on T.V - Central Time

For you and/or your children, here are dates for classic holiday movies. A perfect way to accompany cookie baking or present wrapping or just to enjoy.

"Holiday Celebration on Ice," 3 p.m. Sunday on NBC
"Holiday Affair," 11:30 a.m. Sunday, 7 p.m. Dec. 17 and 9:30 a.m. Dec. 24 on TCM
"CMA Country Christmas," 8:30 p.m. Monday on ABC
"Scrooged," 7 and 9 p.m. nightly Monday through Thursday, and from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Christmas Day, on AMC

"Christmas in Rockefeller Center," 7 p.m. Tuesday on NBC
"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," 7 p.m. Tuesday on CBS
"Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (1966), 7 p.m. Tuesday on ABC
"Shrek the Halls," 7:30 p.m. Tuesday on ABC
"It's a Wonderful Life," 8 p.m. Tuesday (and Dec. 24) on NBC

"Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town," 7 p.m. Thursday on ABC
"The Polar Express," 5 and 7:23 p.m. Friday on ABC Family; 7 p.m. Dec. 8 on Disney.
"A Christmas Carol" (1938), 8 a.m. Saturday and 7 p.m. Dec. 10 on TCM
"A Charlie Brown Christmas," 7 p.m. Dec. 7 and 9:30 p.m. Dec. 16 on ABC
"Shrek the Halls," 7 p.m. Dec. 9 on ABC
"Frosty the Snowman" and "Frosty Returns," Dec. 11 on CBS
"White Christmas," 7 p.m. Dec. 11 on AMC
"Meet Me in St. Louis," 7 p.m. Dec. 11 on TCM
"Yes, Virginia," Dec. 17 on CBS

"Scrooge" (1970 musical), 11 a.m. Dec. 19 on TCM
"A Christmas Story," marathon begins at 7 p.m. Dec. 24 on TBS
"The Bishop's Wife," 7 p.m. Dec. 24 on TCM
"Remember the Night," 11 p.m. Dec. 24 on TCM

Sunday, November 28

The Volunteers of the Trot 2010


It has been a privilege to team up with you all. The Trot Thru the Woods is a success and you have been a crucial component to it.

Trot Team: Ed Crites, Laura Crites, Roger Bautista and James Lambert.

National Anthem Singer: Michelle Mote

Announcer: Mike Martin

Starter of the Race: Mayor Larry Howe

Race Photographer: Dave Mack

The Man in the Turkey Costume: John Garza

The Volunteers at the finish line: Betsy and Annie Crites, Julie Lambert, Gordon Gosh, Bill Meldrum and Joe Wrobel.

The Volunteers directing traffic: Jack Sturm, Patrick McCoole, Bob Hayashi, Margaret Merkel and Mark Nigh.

And a very special "Thank You" to the Warson Woods Police for securing the perimeter and having 4 officers on site. Thank you Chief Stancziak!! Oustanding Job!!

Saturday, November 27

Trot Thru the Woods 2010 - The 5K Results + 1/2 Mile Results

This BLOG will be updated with pictures, links & stories about the race very soon. Scroll down to see breakdown by Gender & Age Group
Bookmark and come back!

Kyle Ormsby - Winner of the 2nd Annual Trot Thru the Woods

1 Kyle Ormsby 17:32
2 Sam Berg 17:51
3 Brandon Thornberry 18:23
4 Ravi Thombre 18:45
5 Paul Greene 19:59
6 Drew Hutchens 20:12
7 Kevin Jackson 20:19
8 Steve Gewinner 20:26
9 Owen Tarantino 20:28
10 Darren Brooks 20:44
11 Jonathan Dobson 21:24
12 Caleb Hopkins 21:33
13 Scott Ragan 21:50
14 Dan Berg 22:03
15 Brad Sweeney 22:05
16 Mike Ormsby 22:13
17 Patrick Nolan 22:33
18 Dennis Rogers 22:34
19 Zachery Hopkins 22:35
20 Charlie Keller 22:59
21 Mary Simon 23:10
22 Connie Jordan 23:17
23 Duane Gerjets 23:32
24 Louis Naeger 23:48
25 Mike Normile 23:52
26 Jennifer Keller 23:53
27 Hank Graef 23:54
28 Tyler Hopkins 24.08
29 Missie Gerst 24.17
30 Randy Neiderer 24.19
31 Katie Miller 24.22
32 Susan Graef 24.27
33 Tim Dolan 24.33
34 Erin Kimmins 24.37
35 Kelly Dolan 24.41
36 Bill Meirink 24.44
37 Brenden McNamee 24.45
38 Katie Behr 25.28
39 Ben Rosenblatt 25.43
40 Brode Hopkins 25.56
41 Sarah Simon 25.57
42 Tracy Bautista 26.06
43 Madelyn Simon 26.22
44 Kevin Knoll 26.23
45 Allison Miller 26.35
46 Bob Cerame 26.36
47 Jane Lingafelter 26.47
48 Pedro Santos 26.57
49 David Chilson 27.11
50 Becky Engman 27.19
51 Will Hattrich 27.31
52 Erica Mote 27.45
53 Keith Mote 27.46
54 Mike Ottsen 27.51
55 Matt Ottsen 27.52
56 Mia Berg 27.53
57 Andrew Shipp 27.55
58 Pat Vincent 28.12
59 Kate Milner 28.13
60 Stephen Hattrich 28.14
61 John Jordan 28.23
62 Cari Curtis 28.38
63 Dave Curtis 28.39
64 Joe Gale 28.45
65 Pam Stevens 28.51
66 Trey James 28.52
67 Sydney Carr 28.53
68 Margie Kubik 28.55
69 Liz Kubik 28.56
70 Todd Bunton 29.11
71 Brad Knoll 29.12
72 Erin Holmes 29.13
73 Emily Maier 29.15
74 Jonathan Ramirez 29.18
75 Elizabeth Simon 29.21
76 Alex Rosenblatt 29.41
77 Karen Mains 29.53
78 James Alexander 30.05
79 Codi Gerjets 30.19
80 Ben Hutchens 30.22
81 Jeff Hutchens 30.24
82 Patrick Carr 30.33
83 Maureen Schreppi 30.42
84 Karis Burritt 30.43
85 Laura Knoll 31.02
86 Vicky Knoll 31.03
87 Steve Knoll 31.04
88 Alex Garza 31.37
89 Stephanie Hansen 31.52
90 Joan Holmes 32.05
91 Lindsay Berge 32.07
92 John Lord 32.12
93 Tom Hattrich 32.29
94 Heidi Ottsen 32.36
95 David Gibson 32.51
96 Maddie Ottsen 33.06
97 Brooke Waller 33.35
98 Barb Pumm 33.38
99 Joe Zarrilli 34.19
100 Michael Zarrilli 34.23
101 Donna Garza 34.28
102 Robert Knoll 34.29
103 Susie Neiderer 34.31
104 Kelly Waller 34.33
105 Jeanne Knoll 34.45
106 Olivia Harre 35.27
107 Linda Harre 35.28
108 Joni Halliday 35.36
109 Amy Munroe 35.37
110 Jonathan Munroe 35.38
111 Laura Halliday 35.44
112 Leslie Halliday 35.45
113 John Halliday 35.46
114 Will Mozeliak 36.52
115 Julie Mozeliak 36.55
116 John Mozeliak 36.56
117 DeDe Nigh 37.03
118 Morgan Weir 37.23
119 Dawn Waxler 37.25
120 Peggy McAuliffe 37.27
121 Peter Harre 38.14
122 Gerry Hempstead 38.15
123 Vern Pumm 38.54
124 Emilie Garza 39.44
125 Ally Mozeliak 39.45
126 Jenifer Schilpzand 39.51
127 Wilhem Schilpzand 39.52
128 Ava Bussmann 40.45
129 Shari Bussmann 40.47
130 Emma Rose Janisch 41.15
131 Pam Janisch 41.16
132 Josephine Janisch 41.38
133 Turkey 41.51
134 Tommy Janisch 42.28
135 Tom Janisch 42.29

Runners who were signed up but didn't run or finish
(Thanks for supporting the Trot by signing up!)

Tony Behr
Susan Buntz
Paul Bussmann
Anne Cerame
Kelly Chilson
Dani Dell'Orco
Mick Dell'Orco
Mike Dell'Orco
Tina Dell'Orco
Tom Dell'Orco
David Dobkowski
Stephanie Dobson
Patricia Flood
Brian Hansen
Caitlin Hansen
Nicole Hansen
Jack Hanzel
Elizabeth Harkonen
Alex Knoll
Jane Lewis
Merideth Lewis
Missy Lewis
Lexie Lindblad
Margaret Luberda
Jimmy Mack
Jack Milner
John Milner
Olivia Sauer
Tim Sauer
Annie Schlafly
Jennifer Scott
Jane Southworth
Bill Stewart
Charlie Stewart
Chris Thornberry
Evan Thornberry
Jeannie Thornberry
Kent Thornberry
Ron Woodruff

Men Overall
1 Kyle Ormsby 17:32
2 Sam Berg 17:51
3 Brandon Thornberry 18:23
4 Ravi Thombre 18:45
5 Paul Greene 19:59
6 Drew Hutchens 20:12
7 Kevin Jackson 20:19
8 Steve Gewinner 20:26
9 Owen Tarantino 20:28
10 Darren Brooks 20:44
11 Jonathan Dobson 21:24
12 Caleb Hopkins 21:33
13 Scott Ragan 21:50
14 Dan Berg 22:03
15 Brad Sweeney 22:05
16 Mike Ormsby 22:13
17 Patrick Nolan 22:33
18 Dennis Rogers 22:34
19 Zachery Hopkins 22:35
20 Charlie Keller 22:59
21 Duane Gerjets 23:32
22 Louis Naeger 23:48
23 Mike Normile 23:52
24 Hank Graef 23:54
25 Tyler Hopkins 24.08
26 Randy Neiderer 24.19
27 Tim Dolan 24.33
28 Bill Meirink 24.44
29 Brenden McNamee 24.45
30 Ben Rosenblatt 25.43
31 Brode Hopkins 25.56
32 Kevin Knoll 26.23
33 Bob Cerame 26.36
34 Pedro Santos 26.57
35 David Chilson 27.11
36 Will Hattrich 27.31
37 Keith Mote 27.46
38 Mike Ottsen 27.51
39 Matt Ottsen 27.52
40 Andrew Shipp 27.55
41 Pat Vincent 28.12
42 Stephen Hattrich 28.14
43 John Jordan 28.23
44 Dave Curtis 28.39
45 Joe Gale 28.45
46 Trey James 28.52
47 Todd Bunton 29.11
48 Brad Knoll 29.12
49 Jonathan Ramirez 29.18
50 Alex Rosenblatt 29.41
51 James Alexander 30.05
52 Codi Gerjets 30.19
53 Ben Hutchens 30.22
54 Jeff Hutchens 30.24
55 Patrick Carr 30.33
56 Steve Knoll 31.04
57 Alex Garza 31.37
58 John Lord 32.12
59 Tom Hattrich 32.29
60 David Gibson 32.51
61 Joe Zarrilli 34.19
62 Michael Zarrilli 34.23
63 Robert Knoll 34.29
64 Jonathan Munroe 35.38
65 John Halliday 35.46
66 Will Mozeliak 36.52
67 John Mozeliak 36.56
68 Peter Harre 38.14
69 Gerry Hempstead 38.15
70 Vern Pumm 38.54
71 Wilhem Schilpzand 39.52
72 Turkey 41.51
73 Tommy Janisch 42.28
74 Tom Janisch 42.29

Age Group Men
Under 15
1 20:12 Drew Hutchens
2 25.43 Ben Rosenblatt
3 25.56 Brode Hopkins
4 26.57 Pedro Santos
5 27.31 Will Hattrich
6 27.52 Matt Ottsen
7 28.14 Stephen Hattrich
8 29.41 Alex Rosenblatt
9 30.19 Codi Gerjets
10 30.22 Ben Hutchens
11 30.33 Patrick Carr
12 31.37 Alex Garza
13 34.19 Joe Zarrilli
14 35.38 Jonathan Munroe
15 36.52 Will Mozeliak
16 42.28 Tommy Janisch

1 17:51 Sam Berg
2 18:23 Brandon Thornberry
3 18:45 Ravi Thombre
4 20:44 Darren Brooks
5 24.08 Tyler Hopkins
6 28.52 Trey James

1 17:32 Kyle Ormsby
2 20:26 Steve Gewinner
3 26.23 Kevin Knoll
4 27.55 Andrew Shipp
5 29.11 Todd Bunton
6 29.12 Brad Knoll
7 29.18 Jonathan Ramirez

1 19:59 Paul Greene
2 20:19 Kevin Jackson
3 21:24 Jonathan Dobson
4 21:33 Caleb Hopkins
5 22:03 Dan Berg
6 22:05 Brad Sweeney
7 22:33 Patrick Nolan
8 22:35 Zachery Hopkins
9 22:59 Charlie Keller
10 23:32 Duane Gerjets
11 23:52 Mike Normile
12 24.33 Tim Dolan
13 24.45 Brenden McNamee
14 27.11 David Chilson
15 28.39 Dave Curtis
16 34.23 Michael Zarrilli
17 39.52 Wilhem Schilpzand
18 41.51 The Turkey - aka - John Garza (I can't thank you enough!)

1 20:28 Owen Tarantino
2 24.19 Randy Neiderer
3 24.44 Bill Meirink
4 27.46 Keith Mote
5 27.51 Mike Ottsen
6 28.12 Pat Vincent
7 28.23 John Jordan
8 30.24 Jeff Hutchens
9 32.29 Tom Hattrich
10 32.51 David Gibson
11 35.46 John Halliday
12 36.56 John Mozeliak
13 38.14 Peter Harre
14 42.29 Tom Janisch

1 21:50 Scott Ragan
2 22:13 Mike Ormsby
3 22:34 Dennis Rogers
4 23:54 Hank Graef
5 26.36 Bob Cerame
6 28.45 Joe Gale
7 31.04 Steve Knoll
8 32.12 John Lord
9 34.29 Robert Knoll

1 23:48 Louis Naeger
2 30.05 James Alexander
3 38.15 Gerry Hempstead
4 38.54 Vern Pumm

Women Overall

Mary Simon - 1st Woman overall

1 Mary Simon 23:10
2 Connie Jordan 23:17
3 Jennifer Keller 23:53
4 Missie Gerst 24.17
5 Katie Miller 24.22
6 Susan Graef 24.27
7 Erin Kimmins 24.37
8 Kelly Dolan 24.41
9 Katie Behr 25.28
10 Sarah Simon 25.57
11 Tracy Bautista 26.06
12 Madelyn Simon 26.22
13 Allison Miller 26.35
14 Jane Lingafelter 26.47
15 Becky Engman 27.19
16 Erica Mote 27.45
17 Mia Berg 27.53
18 Kate Milner 28.13
19 Cari Curtis 28.38
20 Pam Stevens 28.51
21 Sydney Carr 28.53
22 Margie Kubik 28.55
23 Liz Kubik 28.56
24 Erin Holmes 29.13
25 Emily Maier 29.15
26 Elizabeth Simon 29.21
27 Karen Mains 29.53
28 Maureen Schreppi 30.42
29 Karis Burritt 30.43
30 Laura Knoll 31.02
31 Vicky Knoll 31.03
32 Stephanie Hansen 31.52
33 Joan Holmes 32.05
34 Lindsay Berge 32.07
35 Heidi Ottsen 32.36
36 Maddie Ottsen 33.06
37 Brooke Waller 33.35
38 Barb Pumm 33.38
39 Donna Garza 34.28
40 Susie Neiderer 34.31
41 Kelly Waller 34.33
42 Jeanne Knoll 34.45
43 Olivia Harre 35.27
44 Linda Harre 35.28
45 Joni Halliday 35.36
46 Amy Munroe 35.37
47 Laura Halliday 35.44
48 Leslie Halliday 35.45
49 Julie Mozeliak 36.55
50 DeDe Nigh 37.03
51 Morgan Weir 37.23
52 Dawn Waxler 37.25
53 Peggy McAuliffe 37.27
54 Emilie Garza 39.44
55 Ally Mozeliak 39.45
56 Jenifer Schilpzand 39.51
57 Ava Bussmann 40.45
58 Shari Bussmann 40.47
59 Emma Rose Janisch 41.15
60 Pam Janisch 41.16
61 Josephine Janisch 41.38

Age Group Women
Under 15
1 26.22 Madelyn Simon
2 27.45 Erica Mote
3 27.53 Mia Berg
4 28.13 Kate Milner
5 28.53 Sydney Carr
6 33.35 Brooke Waller
7 35.27 Olivia Harre
8 35.36 Joni Halliday
9 35.44 Laura Halliday
10 39.44 Emilie Garza
11 39.45 Ally Mozeliak
12 40.45 Ava Bussmann
13 41.15 Emma Rose Janisch
14 41.38 Josephine Janisch

1 33.06 Maddie Ottsen

1 24.41 Kelly Dolan
2 25.28 Katie Behr
3 25.57 Sarah Simon
4 28.56 Liz Kubik
5 29.13 Erin Holmes
6 29.15 Emily Maier
7 29.21 Elizabeth Simon
8 31.02 Laura Knoll
9 31.03 Vicky Knoll
10 31.52 Stephanie Hansen
11 37.23 Morgan Weir
12 39.51 Jenifer Schilpzand

1 23:53 Jennifer Keller
2 24.17 Missie Gerst
3 24.22 Katie Miller
4 24.37 Erin Kimmins
5 26.35 Allison Miller
6 26.47 Jane Lingafelter
7 27.19 Becky Engman
8 28.38 Cari Curtis
9 30.42 Maureen Schweppe
10 30.43 Karis Burritt
11 34.28 Donna Garza
12 34.31 Susie Neiderer
13 37.03 DeDe Nigh
14 37.27 Peggy McAuliffe
15 41.16 Pam Janisch

1 23:10 Mary Simon
2 23:17 Connie Jordan
3 26.06 Tracy Bautista
4 28.51 Pam Stevens
5 29.53 Karen Mains
6 32.36 Heidi Ottsen
7 34.33 Kelly Waller
8 34.45 Jeanne Knoll
9 35.28 Linda Harre
10 35.37 Amy Munroe
11 35.45 Leslie Halliday
12 36.55 Julie Mozeliak
13 37.25 Dawn Waxler
14 40.47 Shari Bussmann

1 24.27 Susan Graef
2 28.55 Margie Kubik

1 32.05 Joan Holmes
2 32.07 Lindsay Berge
3 33.38 Barb Pumm

Fun Run - 1/2 Mile Race - Overall (66 runners total with the first 17th ranked)
1 Mac Brda
2 Zachary Mella
3 Blake Bautista
4 Avery Simon
5 Ben Niederer
6 Alec Mella
7 John Mack
8 Elizabeth Weir
9 Lila Hershfelt
10 Harry Lambert
11 Mia Jordan
12 Erin Mote
13 Sophie Mains
14 Samuel Jordan
15 Teddy Peirick
16 Sarah Peirick
17 Claire Douglas

and Congrats to all the others in alphabetical order...
Grant Bautista
Lucia Brda
Christian Brennan
Colette Brennan
Mark Brennan
Sr. Barbara Brunsman
Jill Clarkson
Will Clarkson
Jack Hansen
Liz Hansen
Matthew Hansen
Beth Hasek
Ella Hasek
Madeline Hasek
Ellie Hattrich
Lourdes Hattrich
Barb Hershfelt
Charlotte Lambert
Stella Lewis
Amy Lottes
Paul Lottes
Ryan Lottes
Tara Lottes
Mack Mack
Lisa Mella
Ruben Mella
Zoe Mella
Paul Michalski
Julia Milchalski
Matthew Milchalski
Jennifer Miles
Lucy Neiderer
Addison Normile
Ginnie Normile
Roberta Peirick
Egda Ruelas
Anne Marie Sweeney
Hannah Sweeney
Katherine Sweeney
Grant Thornberry
Jared Thornberry
Kaitlyn Thornberry
Claire Witte
Gina Witte
Kaitie Witte
Matte Witte
Nick Witte
Sarah Witte

Trot Thru the Woods 2010 - and the winners is....

Results will be posted shortly over the week-end...

Thank you all for being part of our Trot!

Pictures will be added to a Shutterfly account as soon as possible.

More info in the upcoming days.

Tuesday, November 23

Trot thru The Woods Final Update before the Race

Net proceeds from this event will be donated to the Friends of Wings.

First I want to thank our sponsors and supporters - They have been very generous this year:

Behr, McCarter & Potter, P.C.
Rohan Woods School
Paul Cerame Ford Lincoln-Mercury and Kia
Megan Rowe of Laura McCarthy Real Estate
Ste. Genevieve du Bois School

11 Mile House
The Running Center
St. Louis Rams
St. Louis Cardinals
Vilo Sabengsy of Dynamic Fitness Management
24 Hour Fitness
Monster Drink
St. Matthews Episcopal Church
St. Genevieve du Bois Church
Our Volunteers
City of Warson Woods

1- Packet pick-up will be on Friday, November 26th from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm at the Kaldi's Coffee inside the Schnucks at Woodlawn and Manchester - with free coffe and donuts.
If you are unable to pick-up your Packet during this time, there will be a table set-up on Race Day between 6.30 am and 7.45 am on the parking lot of Rohan Woods School.

2- Parking Space will be limited. If you can walk to Rohan Woods School, please do. Parking availability is at Rohan Woods School, St. Matthews Church - which is across the street from Rohan Woods on Flanders - and on Rear Street -. If you plan on leaving early, please do not park at Rohan Woods School.

3- Come prepare to race. Bathrooms will be limited.

4- Tell your friends, one can register on Race Day between 6:30am and 7:30 am but Tee Shirts will not be available.

5- The Run will start at 8.00 am.

6- The Fun Run will start at 9.00 am from Rohan Woods School. It is a loop going on Edlin to Renderer and back to the school via Bricken.

Thanks again and see you all on Saturday the 27th! Happy Thanksgiving!"

St. Louis Daily Deals

My friend Lorilee Cummings sent me this email:

"Hi family & friends,

If you did not get an e-mail from St Louis Daily Deals today, check your bulk folder. Then add to your e-mail address book to make sure you receive it. If you haven't registered, click here to sign up...

Please forward this e-mail to everyone on your list so no one misses out on a great deal! Call or e-mail me with any questions. Thanks again for your support!!


Good luck with this great new site Lorilee!

Monday, November 22

Spring Break

I am so not familiar with the "Spring Break Concept". I didn't grow up here and what I have beeen told about "Spring Break" by my newphews who are in their early 20s in not really family oriented.

But as a Dad with a child in Kindergarten this year, I must starting thinking about it. Actually, it seems that I should have already booked my trip!

Where do you go?

Any tips?

Sunday, November 21

Sunday morning watching the Food Network, and you?

So true about Giada...(click on picture to enlarge)

Are you in charge of the Turkey this year?

Saturday, November 20

Why Tony? Why?

Well, since the story broke, I have been hearing a lot of: "See... French People..."

I need to clarify one thing for the record:

Tony Parker was born in Belgium.
His mom is a Dutch Model.. Pamela Firestone
His dad - Tony Parker Sr. - is an African American who played basketball at Layola University in Chicago.

So much for the French..........

Now, read the story below and let me know your thoughts...

Friday, November 19

The Trot thru The Woods 2010 is picking up Momentum

The race is 1 week away! It looks like it should be sunny and cold.

Results will be posted on this Blog as soon as the race is over.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 1

Back to School Night at Ste Genevieve du Bois

Thursday night at 7 p.m in the Gym. The meeting will include the introduction of the School Board Members.

Saturday, August 28

"Bags" Tournement next week-end!!

Here is the latest from Chris Keller - Great job and good luck Chris!!

"Good morning WW Folks-
Kerry or I have been approached by many of you over the past few months about the annual cornhole/bags tournament we put on with friends and family to raise awareness and money for autism. I know we've had some good times throwing bags up at the pool this summer so perhaps that practice will carry over for many of you next week at the tournament on Sunday, September 5th at Kirkwood Park. We expect to have roughly 200 teams and over 1,000 people out there this year so as you can see from the attached picture, we had to build a lot of cornhole sets (which will be offered in our auction) to accomodate the number of games.

As the Scott's and Nigh's will tell you, this is a fun event. We'll have tournaments for the adults and kids plus a food/beverage garden with pick up cornhole games and a Silent Auction/Raffle.This is the last week to sign up as registration closes next Friday, September 3rd. If you're interested in playing or attending you can sign up at the following link -

Also, with the addition this year of "The Post Party" if you are unable to make the day's event you can join us at The Highland's in Downtown Kirkwood on Sunday evening for some music by Project 324, food and beverages to celebrate the day (sign up in advance online as well at the link above).


Thursday, August 26

Driving in Warson Woods becomes more and more tricky

Mr. Benz, could you please let me know where the next hole is going to be?

This morning on my way to Ste. Gen, it felt like I was stuck in a maze. Flanders looked open to traffic although it was not very clear. Then I add to take the Detour off Woodlawn to reach the School. Drivers seemed lost. It took everyone by surprise. Trucks everywhere, Bulldozers digging and blocking the streets.

At 11 a.m I got stuck on Flanders for good this time with a truck blocking the street and NOBODY to direct traffic either way or let us know what was going on. Cars were backing up. Total Chaos! Same thing last night on Bennett where it shut down with no warning sign and no indication of how long it would be closed for.

Last night, numerous residents were looking for answers when picking up their kids at School. And I feel bad for some retired folks who are so used of doing things a certain way, suddendly confused as of how to drive back home. I spotted quite a few cars swinging dangerously with some unhappy drivers at the wheel.

So where is the next hole gonna be?

Trot Thru the Woods 2010 - We are looking for Sponsors

If you know anyone who would be interested, tell them to contact Laura Crites or myself. Here is the Letter we already sent out to local businesses around Warson Woods:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

The Warson Woods Running Club has begun plans for this year’s “Trot Thru the Woods” 5K run and “Run Around the Block” .5K for the younger runners and those who prefer a slower pace. The event is scheduled for November 27, 2010, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The club seeks to promote community spirit and support the healthy lifestyle enjoyed in Warson Woods.

Last year’s event was overwhelmingly successful. It hosted 230 participants and 24 volunteers. Mustering community spirit with many local businesses’ support and sponsorship from the law firm of Behr, McCarter, and Potter, PC and Rohan Woods School, the run achieved its goal of encouraging youth exercise by including more than 50 young racers (under 12 years). In addition the “Trot Thru the Woods” was able to make a donation to “The Backstoppers”.

This year we hope to grow significantly! Our goal is to add at least 100 runners and double the number of youth participation. Demonstrating our commitment to young people, the running club has chosen to donate all profit to “Friends of Wings”. This organization provides pediatric hospice services in our community, see

The running club is looking for merchant support and sponsorship for the “Trot Thru the Woods”. Can your business provide support for run? We need food, water, coffee and sports drinks, as well as monetary contributions for the clock, medals for the children, race day goody bags and their contents, printing, and t-shirt advertisements. All contributions will be acknowledged in promotional information on the day of the run. Those who contribute at the $250 level will be designated an official race “Sponsor” and so acknowledged with their logos on the t-shirts and two 5K entries.

Please contact me via email or by phone if you can help in anyway. This is a great opportunity to support the Warson Woods community as it further seeks to distinguish itself.

Many thanks for your consideration,

Laura Crites, “Trot Thru the Woods” Committee"

Wednesday, August 25

"Protecting God's Children" Workshop

As I am gearing up to coach soccer at Ste Genevieve du Bois, I had to go through the "Protecting God's Children" Class last night. 150 people attended the class and after over 2 hours of heart breaking footage of molested children and testimonies from child molesters, I wanted to know how many offenders were registered in our neighborhood.

I simply went on the Family WatchDog web site and plugged my Zip Code. Here is a copy of the Map of the Warson Woods area... 337 registered offenders...(click on Map to enlarge).

Tuesday, August 24

Are you for real?

We all have crazy schedule these days, but always remember that when your child is with you....that your child is ....with you...

And my personal favorite:

Sunday, August 22

Trot Thru the Woods 2010 - Entry Form

Don’t start your holiday running around alone; run with friends! Mark your calendars now for the second annual “Trot Thru the Woods” 5K and “Run Around the Block” half-mile family event, scheduled November 27, 2010 starting at 8AM (5K) and 9AM (.5 mile). The challenging course begins at Rohan Woods School in Warson Woods. The half mile run encourages youth participation offering no entry fee for participant 8 years and younger, everyone must register. This year the “Trot Thru the Woods” is proud to be teamed up with “Friends of Wings”, with all profits going to support pediatric hospices services. Fill out the entry form today and start the holiday season off in full stride.

Here is the Link to the 2010 Trot Entry Form!!

Friday, July 30

Operation Food Search - Volunteers Needed

I just got this email from my friend Mike O'Shea, a WW. resident. He is a great guy and he needs some help this coming Saturday.

"Hello and good morning,

I know this is coming last minute, but I volunteered for Operation Food Search this weekend...(see info below my note)...and at the last minute, the group that was supposed to do the Wal-mart on Hanley Rd. in Richmond Heights, had to back out. On Thursday, I was asked to see if I could put together a group to staff the Wal-mart and help collect donations.

So, with this task in mind, I am sending out an invite/request: if anyone would like to come on out this Saturday to the Wal-mart at Hanley Rd. in Richmond Heights and help, or just come on out and hang out and laugh at me, I would appreciate it.

The hours are 9 to 5, but with a limited resources, we might just do the morning, unless we get volunteers for the whole which case I will stay the whole time...which may either cause you to volunteer or run the other way. Payment would be my enormous thanks and truly helping out those in need. I am sending this out with the addresses in BCC, which is a new way of doing things for me, because I did not want to clog up the e-mail with addresses, so if you know of anyone who might like to help or you think would be fun, or that did not get this e-mail/I may have forgotten, by all means, please forward this to them. It should be a good and rewarding time.

Or if you happen to be in the area and want to say hello, please stop on by.

Thank you,

Mike O'Shea

O'Shea-Ward Insurance Group

Cell: 314-482-3561
Office: 314-774-0702
Fax: 888-358-9244

One Day · One Purpose · End Hunger

Operation Food Search - Dedicated Volunteers:

More of our neighbors are experiencing something many never thought possible in our plentiful area…hunger. Over 120,000 people in greater St. Louis region need the help of food pantries to provide meals for their families. Many are coming for the first time never imagining that they would need to ask for help. Almost half that receive food are children.

Our local food pantries are struggling to keep up with the increased demand. To this end, Operation Food Search SENTralized, and the Community Council of St. Charles County, are teaming up to sponsor the 2nd Annual Saturday Jubilee Food Drive

What can you do?

Volunteer on July 31st: Over 600 volunteers are needed to position themselves outside 41 grocery stores throughout the St. Louis area to ask shoppers to donate food as they shop on Saturday July 31st. This is a great volunteer opportunity for your Church Group, Scout Troup, Civic Group or just to bring your kids and get them involved!

Get started TODAY… go to and sign up to be a “Store Captain”. All you have to do is organize a group of 15-20 volunteers to staff a store for the day. All materials needed will be provided. A short training meeting will be conducted for the Store Captains the week before the event.

If you can’t be a Store Captain but would like to be involved…volunteer for a 2 hour shift and we’ll team you with other fun volunteers.

Conduct a food drive: Conduct a food drive at your work, your church, in your neighborhood or as a family project during July or August. Please call Gary(314)-726-5355 ext. 15 at Operation Food Search if you need containers for larger collections or if you would like posters or other information to help promote your food drive.

Your help is needed … each bag of groceries makes a difference in the life of our neighbor who is struggling. Please be involved … with your help, hurting families in our community can receive welcomed relief during these tough economic times. "

Thursday, July 29

Tax Holiday for Back-to-School Shoppers

Here is what is available in both Illinois and Missouri:

- Illinois: On Aug. 6-15, footwear and clothing with a sales price of less than $100 per item and school supplies will be exempt.

- Missouri: On Aug. 6-8, noncommercial purchases of clothing (but not accessories) with taxable value of $100 or less per item; school supplies up to $50 per purchase; computer software with taxable value of $350 or less; computers and computer peripherals up to $3,500 are exempt. Localities may opt out. If less than two percent of a retailer’s merchandise qualifies, the retailer must offer a refund of sales tax paid if the customer requests one, in lieu of the tax holiday.

Wednesday, July 28

Science knows when life begins (why doesn't the PD?)

I came accross a very interesting piece in the St. Louis Post Dispatch last week written by one of our WW residents - Charles Harrison. In case you missed it, here it is... and I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

"In a recent editorial, "Profiles in Punting," The Post-Dispatch asserts that believing that life begins at conception is a "religious, theological and, indeed, metaphysical question" and that "science has not established the precise moment when human life begins."

I offer the following medical and scientific (non-religious) publications to support the scientific fact that human life does indeed begin at the moment of conception:

"Human development begins at fertilization, the process during which a male gamete or sperm (spermatozoo developmentn) unites with a female gamete or oocyte (ovum) to form a single cell called a zygote. This highly specialized, totipotent cell marked the beginning of each of us as a unique individual."

"A zygote is the beginning of a new human being (i.e., an embryo)."

Keith L. Moore, The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology, 7th edition. Philadelphia, PA: Saunders, 2003. pp. 16, 2.

"Development begins with fertilization, the process by which the male gamete, the sperm, and the femal gamete, the oocyte, unite to give rise to a zygote."

T.W. Sadler, Langman's Medical Embryology, 10th edition. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2006. p. 11.

"[The zygote], formed by the union of an oocyte and a sperm, is the beginning of a new human being."

Keith L. Moore, Before We Are Born: Essentials of Embryology, 7th edition. Philadelphia, PA: Saunders, 2008. p. 2.

"Although life is a continuous process, fertilization (which, incidentally, is not a 'moment') is a critical landmark because, under ordinary circumstances, a new genetically distinct human organism is formed when the chromosomes of the male and female pronuclei blend in the oocyte."

Ronan O'Rahilly and Fabiola Müller, Human Embryology and Teratology, 3rd edition. New York: Wiley-Liss, 2001. p. 8.

"Human embryos begin development following the fusion of definitive male and female gametes during fertilization... This moment of zygote formation may be taken as the beginning or zero time point of embryonic development."

William J. Larsen, Essentials of Human Embryology. New York: Churchill Livingstone, 1998. pp. 1, 14.

"It is the penetration of the ovum by a spermatozoan and resultant mingling of the nuclear material each brings to the union that constitues the culmination of the process of fertilization and marks the initiation of the life of a new individual."

Clark Edward Corliss, Patten's Human Embryology: Elements of Clinical Development. New York: McGraw Hill, 1976. p. 30.

"The term conception refers to the union of the male and female pronuclear elements of procreation from which a new living being develops."

"The zygote thus formed represents the beginning of a new life."

J.P. Greenhill and E.A. Friedman, Biological Principles and Modern Practice of Obstetrics. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders, 1974. pp. 17, 23.

"Every time a sperm cell and ovum unite a new being is created which is alive and will continue to live unless its death is brought about by some specific condition."

E.L. Potter and J.M. Craig, Pathology of the Fetus and the Infant, 3rd edition. Chicago: Year Book Medical Publishers, 1975. p. vii.

"Every baby begins life within the tiny globe of the mother's egg... It is beautifully translucent and fragile and it encompasses the vital links in which life is carried from one generation to the next. Within this tiny sphere great events take place. When one of the father's sperm cells, like the ones gathered here around the egg, succeeds in penetrating the egg and becomes united with it, a new life can begin." - 13

Geraldine Lux Flanagan, Beginning Life. New York: DK, 1996. p. 13.

"Biologically speaking, human development begins at fertilization."

The Biology of Prenatal Develpment, National Geographic, 2006.

"The two cells gradually and gracefully become one. This is the moment of conception, when an individual's unique set of DNA is created, a human signature that never existed before and will never be repeated."

In the Womb, National Geographic, 2005.

The American Medical Association (AMA) declared as far back as 1857 (referenced in the Roe vs. Wade opinion) that "the independent and actual existence of the child before birth, as a living being" is a matter of objective science.

Maybe if the Post-Dispatch weren't so zealously protective of abortion on demand, it might consider the scientific evidence that abortion, even at the very earliest stages of pregnancy, destroys a "separate, unique, living human being.

Charles L. Harrison

Warson Woods"