Friday, May 16

Agenda Board Meeting coming up next Tuesday at 7pm

May 20, 2014 
 Pledge of Allegiance 
I. Roll Call 
II. Minutes 
Regular Board Meeting—April 15, 2014 
III. Treasurer’s Report for April 2014 
IV. Bills and Recurring Disbursements with Addendum to be Approved 
V. Certification of April 8, 2014 General Election and Boards Acceptance. 
VI. Swearing of Mayor Howe 
VII. Swearing in of Alderpersons Pentland, Thompson, Bruenning and Dell’Orco 
VIII. Appointment and Swearing in of City Clerk, Kathy Mahany 
IX. Reports April 2014 
Glendale Fire Report 
Warson Woods Police Report 
X. Petitions, Requests and Complaints – Five-minute time limit per speaker. 
XI. Misc. Reports 
A Collector 
B. Building Commissioner 
C. Park Commissioner 
D. Tennis Commissioner 
E. City Engineer 
F. City Attorney 
G. Treasurer 
H. Mayor 
XII. Old Business 
A. Update on St. Matthews Property. 
B. Discussion of Regulation of Parking of Commercial Vehicles. 
C. Misc. Old Business. 
-1- Posted at the Warson Woods City Hall on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. 
Delivered to the Board of Aldermen and faxed to the news the same day. 
 XI. New Business 
A. Mr. Al Heinermann of Progressive Waste Systems. 
B. Resolution 05202014 for the Renewal of Delta Dental Insurance for the 
Employee Benefits Plan. Introduced by Alderman Gosh. 
C. Ordinance Revising Section 355.165 “Parking & Storage of Portable Containers” 
Bill No. 1589 Introduced by Alderman Gosh. 
D. Resolution 05202014 Approving Codification Services. Introduced by Alderman 
E. Ordinance calling for an Election on the Question of Whether to Impose a One 
Half of One Percent on all Retail Sales made in the City (1/2 Cent) for the 
Purpose of Local Parks and Storm Water Control; Designating the Time of 
Holding said Election and Authorizing and Directing the City Clerk to Give 
Notice of Said Election and Matters Relating Thereto. Bill No. 1590 Introduced 
by Alderman Newman. 
F. Misc. New Business. 
XII. EXECUTIVE (CLOSED) SESSION – Notice is hereby given that, subject to a 
 motion duly made and adopted, the Board of Aldermen may also hold a closed 
meeting for the purpose of dealing with matters relating to one or more of the 
following: Legal actions, causes of action, litigation or privileged communications 
between the City’s representatives and its attorney (610.021(1)); leasing, purchasing, 
or sale of real-estate (610.021(2)); hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting employees 
 XIII. Adjournment