Thursday, March 25

TGIF - Thank God it's Friday!!

Listen, stop complaining about your long week at work. Your situation is not that bad: you have a job or you are a full time parent (actually a much harder job than reporting to an office everyday).

But it could be much worse...For example you could be:

A full time Arm-Pitt Sniffer - Haha, this one cracks me up!

A Target Holder - This job doesn't look fun at all!

A Sky-Scrapper Bulb Changer - I so couldn't do that one, could you?

Or have to take that train to commute everyday -

So the bottom line, be thankful for the life you have and remember the following advice about Job Security:

Enjoy your Friday!

Spring is here and so are Missouri’s festivals

I really enjoyed reading the article below. Plenty of ideas for you and your family. The one that really caught my eyes is the Frog Fest Festival - no, not because I am French -but with some sword fights reenactments and frog races, it sounds like a lot of fun. Click on the link below to be redirected to the article:

Spring is here and so are Missouri’s festivals

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But if you only have little ones and don't feel like driving too far, I also found this ad for you - click on it to enlarge:

Tuesday, March 23

Go St-Louis - Will you run on April 11?

I know I will. I know Mary Simon and Joy Holey will. I am intrigued to find out how many more residents from WW will show up downtown on April 11.

Amazing numbers: 3,000 marathoners, 12,500 half-marathoners and 2,000 particpants for the relay. A field close to 20,000 runners.

With spring in the air, one can be too lazy. It is time to eat healthier, get out of the house and exercise.

Hard to motivate yourself? Comne on, turn off the computer, stop reading this and go for a walk!

Here you go, good job, that is the spirit AND don't forget to let me know if I will see you downtown on April, 11.

WW Swim Club - Brick Hall of Fame

WWSC Buy a Brick and Join the Hall of Fame

In an ongoing effort to raise funds to maitain and improve our pool, we are re-introducing the Buy a Brick program. For a one-time donation of $250, your family will be memoraized in the WWSC Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is the sidewall originally laid in 1997, as you enter the pool house. Every member and visitor that comes to our club is greeted by messages on the bricks. And now, it is your turn to add your name to the walk while aiding our pool.

Your message on the brick can commemorate your fond memories of the pool or an event, family name or special person. Each brick will hold three lines of engraving - with up to 13 characters per line. To see what others have done, you can take a look on opening day May 29th.
It is easy to order your Hall of Fame Brick. Just download and complete the order form or the WWSC web site and send it along with your minimum donation of $250 to WWSC, 10015 Manchester Road, Warson Woods, MO 63122. Any questions about the program can be directed to"

Monday, March 15

Ste Gen. Men vs Turfscape

It started like one bad day. A bunch of our players on Spring Break couldn't make it. One hour before game time, it looks like only 4 of us will show up and I was ready to forfeit the game. A quick email from our Skipper David Fritsch from the airport, on his way to some exotic destination with his family, is telling me 2 more guys should show up to give us a 6 man roster with no sub.

Turfscape is a very good team, and 2 minutes before game time, our 6 guys were here, Mikale, Garza, Roderick, Muth, Intaglia and myself. A great core but with no possibilities of getting short breaks, it looked like mission impossible.

Then I saw Garza acknowledging a couple of our former opponents from a Bosnian Team who were in the stand waiting for their game scheduled after ours. I walked to them and told them about our situation. They said they could help and were ready to play on our team.


With 2 strong subs and Bryce back at the goalie position, our future looked suddenly brighter. It looked even better when a couple of minutes into the game, 2 more Bosnian players walked onto the field to give us more depth. We were like kids who see snow for the first time.

The game was really fun to be part of. 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2. The score was tie numerous times. Turfscape would score and we would respond. Then we had the lead with 12 minutes left 5-4...

Turfscape was getting frustrated and started to play more physical. Well sorry my friends but you can't go that road with our Mikale and co. We responded firmly but the ref. blew a couple of free kicks in their favor and with 6 minutes left, Turfscape was up 6-5.

Then a Bosnian voice behind me said: "we are going to help you get a Win, we need 2 more goals !". Really cool guys ...

We tied with 2 minutes left in the game. Then, with 20 seconds on the clock, a strong run by Muth left him facing their goalie but his strike went slightly left. That was the BallGame right there.

6-6 was the final score. Stopping the pattern of losses was a great feeling, like when you find a product that changes your daily life.

Friday, March 12

The Ste. Gen. Track & Field Team

I haven't been posting anything in a week. Well, I have been working on updating the WW Swim Club Web Site. The season is around the corner and we - the Pool Board - are getting everything ready for another exciting summer at our Community Pool.

Yesterday, I received a great email from my friend Dave Dobkowski who besides behind a incredible runner is in charge of the Track & Field program at Ste. Gen, with Mary Simon helping him. Here is the email:

" we're proud to note (/explain...warn...) that we have an emerging Jr. WW Running Club that runs from Ste. Gen school to Mary Simon's house on Mondays and Thursdays when school lets out at ~3PM. Mary had 14 of our track kids with her today. (Thanks Mary!) In their school uniforms. Rocky-like. Future WWRC members!

Please show them your support if you see them out burning up the streets. Our Ste. Gen team has around 50 athletes again this year and they're already looking tough tough tough. Will keep you posted on their progress.


I must say that I saw them yesterday by my house and it was really fun and uplifting.
Great job Dave & Mary!! Thanks for solidifying our community.

Friday, March 5

Wanna get out of the house?

Join us on Sunday from 7 p.m to 8 p.m at the Vetta Soccerdome in Brentwood to play non competitive soccer on the small field. $50 to rent the field divided by the amount of players - 8 W.W guys so far -

Post a comment below if you plan on joining us or email me!

I know it is not W.W... but...

...The French First Lady looked amazing the other night during an official Dinner at the Elysee.. She wore a floor-length Roland Mouret gown which was so tight it revealed the exact outline of her slim body - and the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra.

Ohlala, Carla!!

(click on pictures to enlarge)

Monday, March 1

Ste. Gen. Men vs Spotless

Facing an always strong Spotless Team, only 7 of the Ste. Gen. Men players roster showed up last Sunday. Among them, Randy had to leave at Half-Time for personal reason meaning we ended up playing the second half with no Sub - Sub Zero.

Where was everybody? Damn, the Hockey game was on!

Needless to say that streching was key in order to last the entire game. Rick "dislocated pinky" came back to play. What an awsome and physical guy.

With Imran, he was the anchor of our defense. A newcomer Scott was our Goalie and props to him for keeping a smile on his face the entire game despite some 10 goals from the opponents.

Our skipper David Fritsch had great legs and was playing midfielder/striker instead of his traditional defense position. Garza and myself were doing our best to challenge their defense and managed to score twice although I got hit pretty bad on my big toe and it is all purple today.

The game was physical but played in good spirit.

Final Score 10-2 for the Bosnian Team.