Friday, March 12

The Ste. Gen. Track & Field Team

I haven't been posting anything in a week. Well, I have been working on updating the WW Swim Club Web Site. The season is around the corner and we - the Pool Board - are getting everything ready for another exciting summer at our Community Pool.

Yesterday, I received a great email from my friend Dave Dobkowski who besides behind a incredible runner is in charge of the Track & Field program at Ste. Gen, with Mary Simon helping him. Here is the email:

" we're proud to note (/explain...warn...) that we have an emerging Jr. WW Running Club that runs from Ste. Gen school to Mary Simon's house on Mondays and Thursdays when school lets out at ~3PM. Mary had 14 of our track kids with her today. (Thanks Mary!) In their school uniforms. Rocky-like. Future WWRC members!

Please show them your support if you see them out burning up the streets. Our Ste. Gen team has around 50 athletes again this year and they're already looking tough tough tough. Will keep you posted on their progress.


I must say that I saw them yesterday by my house and it was really fun and uplifting.
Great job Dave & Mary!! Thanks for solidifying our community.

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