Monday, March 15

Ste Gen. Men vs Turfscape

It started like one bad day. A bunch of our players on Spring Break couldn't make it. One hour before game time, it looks like only 4 of us will show up and I was ready to forfeit the game. A quick email from our Skipper David Fritsch from the airport, on his way to some exotic destination with his family, is telling me 2 more guys should show up to give us a 6 man roster with no sub.

Turfscape is a very good team, and 2 minutes before game time, our 6 guys were here, Mikale, Garza, Roderick, Muth, Intaglia and myself. A great core but with no possibilities of getting short breaks, it looked like mission impossible.

Then I saw Garza acknowledging a couple of our former opponents from a Bosnian Team who were in the stand waiting for their game scheduled after ours. I walked to them and told them about our situation. They said they could help and were ready to play on our team.


With 2 strong subs and Bryce back at the goalie position, our future looked suddenly brighter. It looked even better when a couple of minutes into the game, 2 more Bosnian players walked onto the field to give us more depth. We were like kids who see snow for the first time.

The game was really fun to be part of. 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2. The score was tie numerous times. Turfscape would score and we would respond. Then we had the lead with 12 minutes left 5-4...

Turfscape was getting frustrated and started to play more physical. Well sorry my friends but you can't go that road with our Mikale and co. We responded firmly but the ref. blew a couple of free kicks in their favor and with 6 minutes left, Turfscape was up 6-5.

Then a Bosnian voice behind me said: "we are going to help you get a Win, we need 2 more goals !". Really cool guys ...

We tied with 2 minutes left in the game. Then, with 20 seconds on the clock, a strong run by Muth left him facing their goalie but his strike went slightly left. That was the BallGame right there.

6-6 was the final score. Stopping the pattern of losses was a great feeling, like when you find a product that changes your daily life.

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