Monday, March 1

Ste. Gen. Men vs Spotless

Facing an always strong Spotless Team, only 7 of the Ste. Gen. Men players roster showed up last Sunday. Among them, Randy had to leave at Half-Time for personal reason meaning we ended up playing the second half with no Sub - Sub Zero.

Where was everybody? Damn, the Hockey game was on!

Needless to say that streching was key in order to last the entire game. Rick "dislocated pinky" came back to play. What an awsome and physical guy.

With Imran, he was the anchor of our defense. A newcomer Scott was our Goalie and props to him for keeping a smile on his face the entire game despite some 10 goals from the opponents.

Our skipper David Fritsch had great legs and was playing midfielder/striker instead of his traditional defense position. Garza and myself were doing our best to challenge their defense and managed to score twice although I got hit pretty bad on my big toe and it is all purple today.

The game was physical but played in good spirit.

Final Score 10-2 for the Bosnian Team.

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