Thursday, August 26

Driving in Warson Woods becomes more and more tricky

Mr. Benz, could you please let me know where the next hole is going to be?

This morning on my way to Ste. Gen, it felt like I was stuck in a maze. Flanders looked open to traffic although it was not very clear. Then I add to take the Detour off Woodlawn to reach the School. Drivers seemed lost. It took everyone by surprise. Trucks everywhere, Bulldozers digging and blocking the streets.

At 11 a.m I got stuck on Flanders for good this time with a truck blocking the street and NOBODY to direct traffic either way or let us know what was going on. Cars were backing up. Total Chaos! Same thing last night on Bennett where it shut down with no warning sign and no indication of how long it would be closed for.

Last night, numerous residents were looking for answers when picking up their kids at School. And I feel bad for some retired folks who are so used of doing things a certain way, suddendly confused as of how to drive back home. I spotted quite a few cars swinging dangerously with some unhappy drivers at the wheel.

So where is the next hole gonna be?

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