Saturday, November 26

The Ste. Genevieve "Coaches vs the 8th Graders" Soccer Game

One of Ste. Genevieve greatest tradition.

The showdown happened on Thanksgiving morning at 10 am. The 8th Graders didn't have a full squad so some of the coaches decided to switch sides to make the game more competitive.

The all coach team started strong. Pattriti was the keeper, Buzz the stopper, Janisch and Michelle were the D-Backs, Ragsdale, Bacich and Lambert were the midfielders and Stewart was the forward.

Following some great ball movement, Bacich scored from 20+ yard to give the coaches the lead.

The 8th Graders had numerous opportunities in the first part of the game but Pattriti was absolutely phenomenal as a goalie.

The all coach team scored again following a great ball from Janisch to Stewart who dove in the mud and head the ball in the net. An ESPN Top 10 play - no question.

Ragsdale gave the all coach team a 3-0 lead following a nice strike with his left foot.

Then the game changed. The 8th Grader Team started to come alive. Jim Fox entered the game and lead the comeback. Witte, Simon, Niederer, Thompson and Martin who were on the kids side showed some pride and some incredible cardio.

John Lindsay Douglass made some great saves (including one with his mid-section following a strong strike from Ragsdale) and Nick Witte scored twice including the winning goal to give the 8th Grader the W.

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