Monday, June 4

Mike's gruesome accident

From my friend Mike O'Shea who lives in the old section of Warson Woods:

"Do not skip going to church on Sunday....I did....went to return some bottles to Oberweiss. I bought some more, carried them the car, the bag broke, each bottle hitting the ground and breaking in succession. I was then standing in a sea of broken glass and milk...I go to the other side of my car, which is on a hill, sideways, to move it so I can get the broken glass from under it. I lose my grip on the door and it slammed into my head, cutting open a large gash that has only recently stopped I ended up standing in a sea of milk, with broken glass all around me, with blood gushing down my head...I am looking forward to Monday morning..."

I can't believe you kept your sense of humor during the process. Feel better Mike, you are a true warrior.

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