Monday, November 26

Nextdoor Warson Woods

My good friend Rebecca Dohrman facebooked me the other day about the site

Here was her message:
"I recently learned that Clifton Heights down near the city is using as a way to organize their neighborhood privately on the web. I was wondering if Warson Woods had something like that and I submitted my info and it looked like I created it:
Do you think something like this (that allows us to co-create a directory, plan events, do a local "craigslist" sort of classifieds, and share photos and event info would be interesting? I also like Facebook for this kind of thing, but it seems like this is much more sophisticated and I like that it is private to just our neighbors. I'd love your opinion on if this is something that is worthwhile or if it is just the latest trend. My friend in Clifton Heights really loves it, but I haven't heard from other users.
I hope all is well.

I love the idea Rebecca. I invited a bunch of friends via FB. Already six people have joined. We need 4 more to have the Site up and running for good, so please spread the word and hopefully, we will make our wonderful Warson Woods even more friendly and safe. See you on Nextdoor!


  1. Thanks, James! We got 4 more so we are up and running for good - I am already enjoying the directory and knowing a bit more about my neighbors. You're the best!

  2. You take the credit for it Rebecca... you made it happen!
    Thanks for that great idea.