Tuesday, August 18

Pee in the shower to save the Atlantic Rainforest

Did you catch this article form Cynthia Greagorian in the SLT -Post Dispatch?
Here is the article and I inserted the Clip of the Commercial in the middle of it:

"Sometimes, there's an ick factor that goes with going green.

The spot urges Brazilian citizens to save water — by urinating in the shower.

The group, SOS Mata Atlantica, estimates that each household in Brazil could conserve 1,157 gallons of water annually by avoiding one flush a day.

The humorous spots, which are narrated by children, feature cartoon drawings of people from all walks of life — a basketball player, trapeze artist and even an alien — urinating in the shower

The ads wrap with: "Pee in the shower! Save the Atlantic rainforest!"

But if it does, and if you see someone "going green" in the shower at your local gym, here's a fact worth knowing.

While peeing in the shower may sound sickening, experts maintain that from a health and safety standpoint, it's not

"It's fine because urine is sterile. We have no bacteria or viruses in our urine, which is why if patients aren't feeling well, we can culture it," says Donna Duberg, assistant professor of clinical laboratory science at St. Louis University. "Plus, water from the shower and toilet end up in the same sewer line."

For years, people have used urine in unusual ways. Holistic experts swear that urinating on the feet will cure athlete's foot — a fungal infection. And Duberg points out that if urine is safe to drink — which a number of websites recommend for healthfulness — it's certainly safe to have squirting near your legs while the water is running in a shower

Gross or Green? Recycling, turning the light off when living a room and so on and so forth. I am all about saving energy and going green.

Let's go one step further... With an estimate 2.3 million households in Missouri, the annual saving -$11 per household- would represent $25.3 million and almost 2.7 billion gallons of water across the State.

Down to our Warson Woods, the 2000 Census lists 781 Households... do the math... $8.591 in savings and 900000 gallons of water.

Are you ready to contribute?

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