Saturday, August 15

Fantasy Football anyone??

With the season around the corner, my neighbour Bill Francis & I are trying to recruit another 8 or 10 people to set up a WW. Fantasy Football League with a Live Auction Draft done in a close by Sports Bar.

So to all of you wonderful supportive wives reading this blog, if you want a night off, tell your husbands to email me and let them join our local Fantasy Football League.

To all of you empty nesters in WW, since you don't have to worry about anything but yourself - just kidding - we want to tell you are not Alone - the Fantasy Football family is welcoming you with sweaty armpits and manly hugs! Transform your upcoming Football Sundays into a whole new experience.

We want you and we have 8 to 10 spots to fill. The date of the Draft is still up in the air. The location of the Draft as well. Bill and I are both pumped up about this project, so don't shy away and join our League.

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