Monday, August 17

The Garza-Simon-Lambert Controversy

As our first run with the Runner's Club was on its way, Mary Simon and I started to chat about Workout Songs. Yes, we were running and chatting at the same time - although we were making some pretty disturbing sounds in between sentences. Mary was telling me that our common friend John Garza has an unbelievable play list of songs that get you pumped up when you run. But she was not into rap, and was looking for a different beat. I offered to share my play list but after just a few notes of each of my songs, she was saying "No, I don't like it! NEXT!".

How can I make Mary happy? I need to find great songs!!

Here are some of John's favourite workout songs:
1)Don't Stop the Music---Rihanna
2)Hot N Cold---Katy Perry
3)Jai Ho---Slumdog Millionaire
4)A little Respect--Erasure
5)Boom Boom Pow--Black Eyed Peas
6)I Gotta Feeling---Black Eyed Peas
7)Viva La Vida---Cold Play
8)Take you There---Sean Kingston
9)Paralyzer---Finger Eleven
10)Hero/Heroine---Boys Like Girls

By the way, I want to thank John for contributing on this post!

Here are some of the songs I listen to while running:
1- The Final Countdown - Europe
2- You are the best around - Joe Esposito
3- Stronger - Kanye West
4- Let's get it Started - The Black Eyed Peas
5- Pump it - The Black Eyed Peas
6- Till I collapse - Eminem
7- Remember the Name - Fort Minor
8- Proud - Heather Small
9- Lose Yourself - Eminem
10- It is my life - Bon Jovi

These two lists are pretty darn good if you ask me, but not good enough for Mary.

I am suspecting that John and I are NOT the only two people working out in WW. So, step up my beloved readers and share the songs that get you going, help you shave the unwanted extra pounds, and allow you to splurge on Sunday with no guilty feelings.

And by sharing your songs, let's see if we can please Mary Simon! I am up to the Challenge, ARE YOU??


  1. Try this out:

    Work It Out - Devo
    The Distance - Cake
    Bang Your Head - Quiet Riot
    Run Runaway - Slade
    She's A Rebel - Green Day
    This Fire - Franz Ferdinand
    One Way Street - Soup Dragons
    (Reach Up For The)Sunrise - Duran Duran
    I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide - ZZ Top
    Dog Eat Dog - AC/DC

  2. Thanks Jim for posting your list!
    Great selection... Mad Props! I love the Soup Dragons & Duran Duran...

  3. Mary - Not sure if this will work for you! mine includes many of the songs on john's list but here are a few additional (minus the barry manilow)-
    1.American Boy (kanye west)
    2.So What (pink)
    3.Dreams (van halen)
    4.Disturbia (rihanna)
    5.Mercy (duffy)
    6.4 minutes (justin timberlake)
    7.Welcome to the World (kevin rudolf)
    8.don't fear the reaper (blue oyster cult)
    9.beautiful day (u2)
    10.Break on through (who)
    11.whisper to a scream(icicle works)