Friday, August 14

The WW. Runner's Club is born

Even though he is barely a day old, the Club already looks like a healthy Baby.

Ed Crites took the exciting initiative to set up a meeting last night at the Pool to gather a group of people who are interested in running.

I am not just talking about competitive running. The idea is to find people who could meet once or twice a month - or maybe more - to run together and have fun.

Don't be shy if you are inexperienced, join us. Almost a dozen of motivated WW. residents showed up last night. We all decided that our first run would be a 6 mile loop starting from the parking lot of the WW. Pool at this Saturday morning - August 15Th.

If you are interested, please Email Ed at "" and see you this Saturday morning!!

Here is our Saturday's morning Run!
Safe run on sidewalks all the way down on Sappington to the beginning of the Grant's Trail. Then turn around and get back to the parking lot following Woodlawn. A couple of short hills - one on Andrew right off the start and one on Holmes.

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