Wednesday, August 12

The Wiggles stink!

I took my kids to see the Wiggles last night at the Chaifetz Center. What a waste of time!! I can't believe the show they put up. And I am an easy audience. First of all, the Arena was a fifth full at best...brrr. Then the Show lasted 1h 15min. The overall decor was plain and lame. No sound effect, no light effect. The stage looked too big at time. The Wiggles spent a lot of time doing poorly executed acrobatics - They are no Cirque du Soleil - and over 10 minutes reading the signs of the Audience. Few songs in between, lots of blablabla trying to get the kids to clap and clap and clap again. Give me a break!

Way overrated in my opinion. They looked tired and not into it at all. It looked more like a promotional Tour than a Show itself. There was no story or plot to hook up the kids. Mine wanted to go home badly after 20 minutes. Some families left early.

A disaster...

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  1. I saw them at the Fox 6 years ago. It was a packed audience and a great show. Guess their time in the spot light has faded. That's a bummer. My kids have great memories of The Wiggles.