Tuesday, August 4

WWSC - Party coming up at the Pool

I have been getting quite a few emails from Pool Members to find out if another party was on the horizon.

The answer is YES, our end of the summer party is in the making. August 29Th is the date set for the Adult Party - I repeat...Adult Party...

It means, our adorable children must stay home. Work on your baby sitters now.

It is going to be a theme party - I won't tell now - let's hype it up a bit!!
I will just give you a clue...it won't be a Luau Hawaiian Theme.

And yes, I will spice it up with some Adult Games... No not like these ones:

No,no,no... The entertainment will be fun and rated PG....

So bring your "A game" on August 29Th, not like this guy:

And in the meantime stay out of trouble... more to come on this party through the official Web-Site later!

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