Monday, August 3

Size DOES matter

Here is Jamie's quick note about her encounter: (I hope you don"t mind I posted your note on the Blog as well, I love your writing style Jamie!)
"James, I was looking at the I love WW blog and I was so surprised to see a picture of a big snake! I just found a snake on my driveway not even an hour ago! Rosemary and I were playing in the backyard and I saw something black on the driveway. I was trying to figure out what had fallen off my husband's car, but when I walked closer I saw it was a big black snake. That snake was more than 4 feet long. Gaahh, it was pretty gross. I hope Rosemary doesn't decide to go pet the snake if it comes back. What's with all these snakes in the neighborhood? I wonder where they are going!"

Jamie, you rock! Your visitor is bigger than mine! Thanks for the following pictures. Click on each one to get a close-up view. Pretty cool snake!
I really dont know what to say. Hopefully this is the same snake that Brandon spotted in his yard. Although I doubt since Jamie lives on my side of WW, two streets down... Hang on, only two streets down?? I guess it is time to get my kids out of the backyard. Thanks again Jamie for sharing your pictures with us!


  1. I may have to make a St. Patrick costume and drive these snakes out of WW.

  2. When the snake left my yard he did head your way. Watch out!!

  3. Thanks Jamie, I am officially freaked out.

    Although, I am now told that a Monkey has been spotted for years in WW. More to come. I swear I am gathering some testimonies from people as we speak!! And it is no joke, I got the story from Tim Sauer...

  4. Hey Brian, I want a picture of you in that costume ASAP!!