Monday, August 24

What are your Favs. for kids?

The best spots to take the kids for a 1/2 day are:
1- The Zoo
2- The Magic House
3- The Science Center
4- The Museum of Transportation
5- One of the Public Parks
6- The Butterfly House
7- Grants Farm
8- Toys R'us - when I am desperate!

Ok, we have been there and done that a million times.

And now when my kids ask me:
"Dad, can we go to the zoo??", my head spins and I see this:

Worse... if they insist, I see this:

As you can tell, I need a change of scenery!

What I am really truly looking for are places less known but yet that are lots of fun for kids. Yes, it is a 911 to all the Parents out there. I know you must have been on the same path than me at one point. Come forward and help a Dad who feels stuck in the Mud of Boredom.

Give me your Favs!


  1. The new City Garden downtown is AWESOME.

  2. Hi James,
    I haven't been a mom for very long, but here are some more ideas:
    1. Monkey Joe's
    2. St. Louis Mills Mall (indoor play area, mini train, etc.)
    3. Missouri Botanical Garden (kid's section)
    4. The City Museum
    5. Six Flags (if you are brave enough)
    6. Wineries - oh wait, that's just for you, after you've done all the others.
    - Sarah M.