Thursday, August 6

Men are from Mars...

I recently joined the Ste. Genevieve du Bois Men's Club. The Club provides social and spiritual activities within the Parish.

At first, I was like " why would you join a Club like that?"
Am I going to be surrounded by some guys who just need to get out of their house to be able to have an intelligent conversation about men's stuff like cars?

Or simply to get a break from their daily routine?

Or just maybe to talk about education and kids?

Last night, I asked the President of the Club -Matt Witte- how he came up with the idea. Basically, it is a way for the members to stay in touch with each other as the kids get older and school activities dry out. Plus, the Club implements programs for the welfare of the Parish such as cutting down and hauling away dead trees, hosting Donut Sundays in the school cateteria for the parish family, co-hosting Lenten Fish Fry with our neighbors from St Agnes & the Sisters etc...

I'am really excited about our first get together coming up next week! I will keep you posted...

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