Wednesday, November 25

Mom, why did you throw my drawing in the trash?

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Every day my adorable children bring home tons of Daycare Projects. How lucky they are that their teachers spend lots of time trying to stimulate their creativity.

But then, as the years go by, one can't possibly keep each and every single piece of art our lovely kids produce.

So what is your strategy? How do you decide which ones to keep and which ones to throw in the recycling bin? There is nothing more heartbreaking than your son finding one of his drawings in the trash and coming to you with a sad look on his face, holding his soiled creation, and sobbing: "Mom, why did you throw my drawing away?"


As a rule, I get rid of all the ones made out of food -aka M&Ms, Cereal, Marshmallows etc... I discard the ones with no name on it - usually my kids write their names in the back of each drawing. If I can't figure out if my son or my daughter is the author of the piece, it is an automatic "out".

How about you? And for those who have older kids, do you still have a box of their artworks from back in the days?

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