Monday, November 23

Young Gunz vs the Ste. Gen. Men

For those who are not following my Blog on regular basis, let me bring you up to speed. A bunch of Mavericks from WW. have decided to put together an Indoor Soccer Team. The first game of the season was last night.

As we show up 10 minutes prior to the game at the Indoor Arena, we are all pumped up. Randy is handing us our Team Jersey. A couple of our guys are still hangover from Saturday night. Garza is sitting in his corner with his headphone listening to some heavy metal music.

Fritsch is talking strategy.

We are looking for our opponents. So we ask some kids in the stand if they have heard about the Young Gunz - pause - they are the Young Gunz!!! A bunch of 20+ year old college kids... It feels like someone just punched us in the stomach. Are we in the right League? Apparently we are in an Open League not a 30 year old+ casual one.

John Simon is already talking Post Game Activities.

The Young Gunz are looking at us like we are some kind of an easy prey. Only one of them is stretching before the game. No trash talking, simply a look that says we know we are going to eat you alive.

We can't back down, so we too decided to put our Game Faces on.

Our roster is the following: Fritsch -our Skipper, Garza, Simon, Carse, Lambert, Zarrili, Zoberi, Andrews ,Niederer and Roderick as our keeper....

The game is fast paced. Since we have 6 men on the field and 4 subs, we take 2 minute shift to try to stay fresh. Garza is looking to open a door somewhere to breathe some fresh air. Out of luck!

Young Gunz 1 - Ste. Gen. Men 0

We play two 25 minute Period. The first ten minute, the Ste. Gen. Men look pretty disorganized since we had only 1 practice that only half of the team attended.

Young Gunz 2 - Ste. Gen. Men 0

These Young Gunz can move the ball. We are in a hole.

Young Gunz 3 - Ste. Gen. Men 0

When our guys step aside to take a break, it feels like we play in high altitude. We can barely talk. We try to smile but even smiling is hard.

Young Gunz 4 - Ste. Gen. Men 0


I must give tons of credit to Roderick. Without him as our keeper, the score would have been 25 - 0. He is unbelievable.

We try to regroup and cheer ourselves up with some silly thoughts like... hum...

We are playing much better during the second half. I don't know if the Young Gunz are getting tired as well or they have simply decided to stop trying to hard. Although they keep scoring.

Young Gunz 5 - Ste. Gen. Men 0

Now we want to score as well. Our heart and cheers are setting a new Tempo. Andrews, Zarreli and Fritsch are directing us, pushing for a Man to Man coverage. Simon is screaming at me when I touch the ball "go ahead James, for the Glory of France!". And it happened. After a scramble in midfield, Zarreli goes off on the right side of the field and sent a long pass to yours truly who managed to tip the ball into the net!

Young Gunz 5 - Ste. Gen. Men 1

Yes, they scored another one.

Young Gunz 6 - Ste. Gen. Men 1

But we fought hard. Niederer and Zoberi got hurt a bit but were terrific. I am not sure who we will play next week. As I was walking out the field, the Ref. told me, we - meaning the Young Gunz and us - were the Worst teams of the Division. Not a good sign.


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