Monday, November 30

Men with Balls - The Coach's Answer -

The article I posted this morning about our game last night got my coach, David Fritsch, all fired up. I am just exaggerating a bit but a good controversy should spike the traffic on my Blog: "Did you hear that Lambert and Fritsch went nose to nose after last night soccer game?". Of course I am just kidding, all we have is a mutual respect for each other and we are good friends - but we both hate to lose even if we played better yesterday than a week ago.

Dave loves his men, his he asked me to post this reply:


Please speak kindly of us this week, I think the team played 100% better this week. Garza was an animal; Carse is on the verge of breaking out on scoring goals, he had several good chances last night; great leadership and coaching by the Mikes; Simon played well for a man with a strained crotch; Randy and Imran continue to play better each week, even through injuries; For the Glory of France WILL score this week.

One thing to talk smack about: Bryce fell asleep watching the Steelers game at home last night and missed the game, waking up at 230 in the morning.

Favazza has swine flu, so that is why he did not play last night. He had let Bryce know, but since he slept through the game, he could not provide the update.

Big game this week as we play for the Pride of our Kids, as many of the families are making plans to come watch.

Overall, I am having a blast! Other than feeling like I was run over by a truck last night, I am already looking forward to next week. Thank you for your help with the team.

David Fritsch"

Dave, your reply is hilarious. It looks like we will all be ready to play next week for our third game. In the meantime, let's heal our wounds and let's not forget to stretch to prevent injuries!

Looking forward to start a Coach's Corner on the Blog every monday.
God Bless you Dave, you are a good Man!

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