Tuesday, December 8

The best Christmas Lights in WW.

This is the time of the year. You drive home, it is getting dark and you look forward to certain houses of your neighbourhood knowing their Christmas Lights will give you this extra smile before pulling in your driveway.

My kids and I love the Tim and Susan Robben's display. First, it is right at a stop sign, so we can get an extra few seconds of "Wow and Ha" from my kids and be safe. It only works if you actually stop at the stop sign which is still one of the things some drivers seem to forget in WW. Second, it has all the ingredients of Christmas and it feels warm. Thanks guys, you touch people's life and we appreciate that!

How about you my beloved readers? Any particular house you like in WW.?


  1. Unrelated: Any idea why the street sign at Bennett and Manchester is spelled "Bennette?" WTH?

  2. Never noticed that before, let me find out. Maybe some Italian Settlers. How was your Thanksgiving Brian?