Thursday, December 10

Trot Thru the Woods - Videos

Our Alderman Gordon Gosh was the starter of the race. Michele Motte was our singer. And what a singer! Michele, you gave me goosebumps during your performance. You have an amazing voice - Wow - like Simon Cowell would say, actually like Randy Jackson would say: "You nailed it, Girl!".
Now it is race time for the Grown-ups! Although, on a side note, Annie Mullenix finished 13th and she is only 10 years old. Way to go Annie, great job!

How fun was the kid's run! The movie jumped a bit because as I was stepping back to avoid the flow of the runners, my head bumped into Macks'camera. I really want to add that having Shelley Pruett participating and finishing the race was a tremendous emotional, uplifting and inspiring moment. We pray for you, Shelly, and your amazing family!

I have few more videos including Michele singing, let me know if you are interested in me posting them.

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