Wednesday, October 28

Update on the Trot Thru the Woods

Much foundation work has been done. City approval has been obtained, Rohan Woods is graciously allowing us to use its parking lot and restrooms, the police will assist in directing traffic, posters are starting to go up, the clock has been reserved, Schnucks has agreed to allow us to use Kaldi's Coffee for packet pick-up the Friday before, entry forms have been prepared,etc. Now we need runners. And, they need to sign up early so the t-shirts can be ordered.

Please sign-up if you can for the run and please invite family, friends, neighbors, church members and co-workers to do likewise. It is a great opportunity for the family to get together, again, over the Thanksgiving weekend and for the community to come together. If someone is available to hand out entry forms at any local races, such as Sunday's half-marathon in Clayton, that would be great. Thank for you efforts..

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