Friday, October 30

Take a Hike!

My good friend Jim Trevor is a great outdoor person. Some of you might be familiar with the Dads & Lads bi-annual trips that Jim and other Dads & Sons are doing in the wild. As I was thinking about bringing my little Harry on their next trip, I did some research of the coolest trails out there.

I found two incredible ones. I wouldn't take my son on either one of them. I am not even sure I would take myself either... You are the judge...

How about the photographer on site who takes pictures of you -$10 a picture sitting 10 hours a day on these planks - where do I sign?

On that Clip, the pace is incredible -this guy is good -but some of the holes along the way are terrifying

So Jim, forget about the Ski Trip this winter. Let's hook up in China, I will bring my balls of steel.

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