Monday, October 12

Love in is the Air...

Following the Ste. Genevieve Fundraising saturday night, I have decided to keeep my Blog alive. So many people were upset about my original decision that I have changed my mind.

So let's get right to it...

The Ste. Genevieve night was fabulous.

Kudos to Martha, Carol, Liza and the rest of the Gang for putting this evening together. Yes it was cold, but it was a German Theme and Germany is cold in October.

Props to Leslie and John Halliday for winning the Big Raffle Prize. I am so happy for you. John must have spent his sunday counting the $$, just like Puff Daddy (see his face when he finds a $1 dollar bill in his stack of $100):

Great job to the kids who braved the cold to offer the rest of us a traditional show with german dances - Adorable!

Larry Howe ran the live auction like a Pro. The Thompsons, the Rodericks and us the Lamberts teamed up to get the Pig Roast. Wild Party for 100 coming up folks!

The Band was really cool... I loved the voice of the singer.

I hope you had a fantastic Sunday after that. Let me picture it:
While Daddy was probably enjoying a well deserved last round of golf

Mom was trying to keep herself busy around the house, training for a part time job to bring extra income to the household.

Now, buckle up again, the Blog is back!

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