Friday, October 30

Speaking of drugs, is the I-Phone the new addiction?

Julie and I recently went back to back to two private events - a charity and a wedding reception -

I must say half of the guys I was trying to have a conversation with those nights were playing with their I-Phone at the same time. The most annoying thing in the world! Even during dinner!

And they have the move... at first it looks like they drop a piece of food on their lap because they start staring at their crouch with a feverish look. But wait, the I-Phone is sitting right on their private parts, the right hand hitting rubbing the screen. The whole act has some very strong sexual connotation.

Then can I suggest: "The more the I-Phone, the worst the relationship/marriage is"?

Anyway, if your partner/spouse is obsessed with this device, here is an idea for Halloween...

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