Thursday, October 15

What to do this coming Sunday...

Are the Jacksonville Jaguars going to crush the St.Louis Rams......Like the Bull of Wall Street is crushing the Evil Bernie Madoff?

The Rams are so bad, I can't even watch T.V on Sundays anymore. Actually, my retired neighbour was so frustrated about the game the other day that he took his chainsaw and cut some woods at halftime in the backyard!!

Few things that I like this week-end besides the traditional Pumpkin carving...
- Thomas the train is in town in Granite City,IL
- A VanGogh IMAX movie is playing at the Science Center - always good on a a rainy day!
- At the Botanical Garden, gardeners have created a 20-foot-diameter working clock, created entirely of plant material. Kids get a kick out of the little cuckoo bird that pops from his home every quarter-hour!
- The Circus is in town at the Scottstrade Center
- Big Halloween Run downtown St-Louis
- Ferguson Festival: Streets are closed in a one-mile loop adjacent to a park and feature activities for all ages, including face-painting, hula hooping, clowns, balloon artists, aerobics classes, zumba classes, free-throw competition and BMX demos.


  1. I signed up for the Halloween 10k downtown, but will be sitting it out due to injury.

    I will say that I think the Rams could actually win on Sunday! Jacksonville is BAD.

  2. Sorry to hear about your injury. We are going to see Thomas the Train with the Family.
    Feel better!