Thursday, May 6

Warson Woods ADT Select Link - Service Program

A message from our Alderman Judy Pohl:

"The City of Warson Woods has partnered with a rapid communication system called ADT SELECT LINK. This system will deliver emergency messages to the community by the communication method (s) of your personal choosing. Should local government need to notify citizens of an important matter, for example, a hazardous spill, this system would notify you by your choice of home phone, cell phone, text message, fax machine or email. In addition, the City may use the ADT SELECT LINK system to keep you up to date on important community wide information or changes relating to groups in which you participate.

Please notify City Hall with your current e-mail address, phone number and or cell number (s) up to 3 different numbers per household at 314-965-3100

We thank you for your participation in this new system as the City of Warson Woods strives to make communication with the community as quick and efficient as possible. If you have not yet signed up for this program the City urges you to do so today."

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