Monday, November 29

Behind the scene of the Trot - Facts

- Last year 35 runners ran the 5K under 30 minutes, this year 77 runners ran a sub-30! The field is getting stronger.

- 3 children from the Kindergarten class of Ste. Genevieve du Bois ran the whole 5K. Props to you, Joe Zarrilli, Will Mozeliak and Emma Rose Janish! Very impressive.

- Last year, the last runner finished in 49.44, this year despite pushing 2 kids in a stroller the last runner finished in a terrific 42.49.

- Most of our returning runners beat their time from last year. Nice to see you guys still training hard. Special Mention to Sam Berg, Kevin Jackson, Katie Miller, Tracy Bautista, Allison Miller, Shari Bussman, Randy Niederer, Bob Cerame and Mike Normile.

- The Women's Race was a sprint to the finish Line. Our local Mary Simon won by only 7 seconds over Connie Jordan. A classic finish. Connie was running with BarefootRunning Shoes... Wow

Both runners showed great spirit after the race although Connie told me how upset she was for finishing second. I can't wait for the rematch next year!

- Kyle Ormsby won the Men's Race. A Boston Resident, Kyle was visiting his family in St. Louis for Thanksgiving. His Dad ran the Trot as well in an amazing 22.13. Kyle just emailed me: "I enjoyed the race and hope it continues to be successful. All best,Kyle".
Thanks for your kind words Kyle, it means a lot to the Trot Team!

- I already received over 50 emails to thank the Trot Team and the Volunteers for putting this Event together, well we all want to thank you - the Runners - for making it possible.


  1. Thanks for the recap. Any news on the photos taken by David Mack?

  2. Hello Scott,
    Dave is still working on it, I will shoot everyone an email when I have the Disc on hand.