Saturday, January 25

Adventure Walk in Warson Woods

This past Sunday, the weather was relatively nice (compared to bone-chilling freezing cold), so the kids and I went on an Adventure Walk to see what we could find around the neighborhood.

Ever since I read this Slate article about how parenting looks different in a variety of cultures this past April, I've thought a lot about the positive impact that a daily walk has on kids. I loved this quote from the article in particular:

"Meanwhile in Spain, everyone—experts, doctors, mothers—stressed the importance of a stimulating
daily walk [for children's development]: You see the people in your neighborhood. Objects aren’t stimulating. People are stimulating."

It rang true to me in April, especially in this neighborhood where everyone is out walking and you really will run into people you know as you stroll, and I've thought about that quote several times since then. We still aren't doing walks daily, but we do them as often as we can. And when it's been a really good day and we feel relaxed (you fellow parents know how good those days feel when they happen!), we call it an "Adventure Walk" and my five year old son gets to lead us.

In addition to seeing half of the neighborhood out on a walk during our Adventure Walk, we also experienced the following:

  • The secret passage sidewalk behind Rohan Woods. This is probably one of the neatest things about the neighborhood. We need more of them! It is great for stimulating the kids' imaginations!
  • We heard the church bells nearby play the entire song "Let There Be Peace On Earth." I think the church must have been excited about the weather, too.
  • A woman doing hill workouts at the park by the pool while her kids played - what a smart use of time!
  • The sun peeking through the tree line that runs just north of Warson Woods Road. You can see it from intersection at Renderer and Warson Woods Road if you look Southeast.
  • Lots of happy smiles from all of the kids we saw. They love being outside and we can't wait for Spring weather (and the pool to open!)
Photo from Warson Woods Park Playground

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