Saturday, September 19

Going on a date with your spouse...

We all know a healthy relationship starts with a once a week one-on-one date with your spouse. It could be anything... working out together, going to the movie or a nice romantic meal.
A one-on-one is a MUST!! Don't let your spouse go out too often with girlfriends - who knows what is going on where the girls are out?

Or if you have a feeling she is obsessed with working-out... she is trying to tell you something!

Please, spend some time together away from the kids at least once a week...

And as we get ready to go out tonight it gave me the idea of bringing you my bad ass take on the restaurants Julie and I will explore. Most of you know how much of a Foodie I am. Quite easy to please, but with certain expectations regardless of the place or price of the evening.

Everyone can be a food critic these days but I will try to give you a different perspective than the boring ones you find everywhere. So buckle-up and check back tomorrow.

Because tonight we are on our way to FIVE on Dagett Avenue.

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