Saturday, January 9

Happy Father's Day - It is Football Playoff Week-End!!

Well, it is kind of Good News / Bad News type of deal for you Ladies. Forget about the romantic saturday night at this lovely Italian Restaurant. Going out tonight might imply hanging out with Couples at someone's house.

The upside is you have Football on TV all day today and tomorrow so grab the Credit Cards and lets enjoy those 70% discounts at your favorite Department Store.

If you take the kids - well watching their Dad screaming at the TV while eating junk food might not be a scene you want your kids to be exposed to - stay alert. With all these discounts, you might lose track of your little ones. I saw a sign at a store the other day:

Or if you don't have kids around and you don't want to watch Football with your Hubby, make a bold move and dress appropriately. Ok, not with the $799 dress you bought at Saks or Neiman Marcus... you are competing with Football.... Dress more like:

Yes, it is inexpensive but I bet you it would do the trick... you don't believe me? Bring your Hubby in front of the Computer right now and ask him.... See? Forget the Jets, the Eagles and the Cowboys, you just got yourself your own game.

Both of you can thank me later unless you go to overtime.

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