Sunday, January 17

Ste Gen. Men Soccer - the Final Game today!

Let's wrap it up and say good bye.

6.10 p.m today Sunday at the Soccerdome in Brentwood.

After a tough start of the season, the WW. Men have been putting some very good performances lately. And today is the Tie Breaker against a extremely physical team -the Steve Wiebe All-Stars.

Last time we played them, words were exchanged on the field, yellow cards were thrown and bodies were flying.

Now it is the rematch. And none of us are willing to back down.

Here are both Teams' record so far:
Us: Wins zero - Tie 1(against them) - Losses 6 - Goals scored 13 - Goals scored against us 55
Them: Wins zero - Tie 1 (against us) - Losses 6 - Goals scored 18 - Goals scored against them 72

So today, we won't keep our Pants on the Ground.

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