Friday, May 20

WW Resident launches a Meat Delivery Service to your door

I want to share with you a concept that I love. My friend Brian Middendorf, a WW Resident, started a business selling high quality steaks. Check his latest newsletter and hit his website to order:

Good Evening from Steakhouse Direct,

We've got a couple of grilling holidays on the calendar in the coming weeks - Memorial Day weekend (May 28-30) and Father's Day weekend (June 19). I'd like to suggest a couple of items for these upcoming grilling events . . .

Waygu Kobe Beef Brisket

We've got a totally unique item you won't find anywhere else in St. Louis - Waygu Kobe Beef Brisket. This is the best of the best for serious grillers! Our brisket comes as one whole piece, and it averages about 12-14 pounds. Upscale restaurants charge extreme prices for Kobe beef ($20/ounce or more). The good news is that we only charge $10/per pound, delivered (St. Louis area only).

Last month Steakhouse Direct supplied this exact Waygu Kobe Beef to 4 Smokn' Butts, and that piece of meat was the WINNER of the Brisket portion of the Kansas City BBQ Society Competition! See the results here: Next up, 4 Smokn' Butts is taking our Brisket to Las Vegas for the World Championship BBQ competition! I've got limited inventory on hand that will be ready for Memorial Day/Father's Day. If you want one of these, please let me know asap.

New York Strip

This is the most popular steak in America. The better news is that it's super easy to cut into steaks, and it is hard to mess it up. I've got some aged strips right now that will be ready in time for both Memorial Day and Father's Day. Again, the timing here is key. If you'd like one for either of these grilling holidays, please get me your order as soon as possible. Price is $9/lb, and they average 11-12 pounds. You should be able to get 12 aged steaks out of the striploin.


I've been in a few kitchens lately with this business venture, and what I've seen has been shocking. It's not the wallpaper or the dirty dishes . . . it's the lack of a good quality knife! Cutting your own steaks requires a serious blade, and fortunately we've got them. I'd personally recommend our 12" Swiss Army Granton Slicer ($50). Made in Switzerland, this thing is a 12" razor blade with a handle on it. While you're at it you may want to consider the kevlar cutting glove to keep your fingers intact ($20).

Feel free to contact me to get our updated brochure with all of our items. Happy grilling!

Brian Middendorf - Grillmaster, Steakhouse Direct

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