Tuesday, May 10

WWSC - We need volunteers for Final Clean-up!

We’re getting very close! We are making leaps and bounds on the pool opening duties. This weekend, May 14 - 15 and the following weekend of May 21 - 22, we are going to be doing landscaping, flower planting, light maintenance and a final clean up. Assistance from anyone would be greatly appreciated. This is the last great push before the pool opening on May 28th! Come on down, have a snack, hear about the improvements and give us a hand. If you have gardening tools, yard waste bags, paper towels, glass cleaner, anything you can throw in the car would be a great help. We’re all looking forward to a great year at the pool, so come on down and pitch in. Guaranteed to be a good time.

On the 14th around 8 ish.

On the 15th around 10.am

On the 21 around 8 am

on the 22 about 10. am

Thank you,

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