Monday, May 14

The Power of Blogger

I just received a Facebook message from Rebecca Dohrman. We don't know each other but here was the original FB Message:

  • Hi James! My name is Rebecca Dohrman and my family (me, John, and two kids - Noah (3) and Ella (1) just bought a house on Renderer and will be moving to Warson Woods in a few weeks. I just wnated to thank you for the blog you have called I Love Warson Woods. I've found it as I've done google searching about different elements of the neighborhood and I really appreciate the information you've included. It's great promotion for the neighborhood. My husband is a runner so he was particularly excited about the running club. I hope to meet you after we move!"
How exciting was that!!

Rebecca and I have been communicating a bit via Facebook since this original message. Her family will be a great addition to our neighborood. They will be joining the Pool as well, so let's make sure you give them a warm welcome when you happen to bump into them.

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