Friday, June 8

The Realtor Corner - Warson Woods Homes for Sale

First of all - YES, the picture below is from a house currently for sale in Warson Woods and it is not located in the Old Section. Can you identify the house?

So you know how much I love putting WW on the Map and I love to update this Realtor Corner. But it takes a while to source out the listings and plug all the information. I hooked up with Karen Goodman from Arch City Homes the other day after sharing one of her posts, and I mention the Blog to her. She loved it and here was her idea:

" While we love listing homes in your area, we also work with buyers. I've got a link that you could post, maybe in the sidebar on your blog, which would give anyone who clicks through a complete current list of the homes for sale in Warson Woods regardless of who the listing agent is. 

By keeping the link on your site, you become the total source for new listings in the community since visitors would likely go back to your site to click and see the latest listings. They can also see recently closed sales and open house information on this same home search.

And maybe some of them would call us to set up an appointment to see the homes, and then hire us to help them with buying a home."

So here you have it, if you scroll down on the Sidebar, just above the Section "Followers", the permanent Link: "Homes for Sale in Warson Woods", courtesy of Karen. 

By the way, have you found the address of the house with the pool above? If not, then hit the Link "Homes for Sale in Warson Woods" on the Sidebar for the answer. Happy browsing!

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  1. I am so excited that I've been able to provide you and your readers with an easy way to find homes for sale in Warson Woods.

    The real estate licensing rules don't allow public facing websites to show properties that are under contract unless they are classified as Contingent, so if anyone tries to look up a home with a sign in the yard and can't find it, just contact me from my website and I can email the full MLS listing.